Some types of hair or face higher can show your age

Hair coloring, bleaching mesh, tying long hair or a chignon, use too much of the wrong color Krmpvdr and pancakes or inappropriate choice of lipstick and some types of makeup or facial hair can reveal your age higher and the aging of your appearance. When hairdressing and care for the 15’re wrong.

مدل آرایش صورت
15 wrong hair and face that shows your age more!

Use dark colors
Selection of colors for dyeing hair should not look too dark. Instead of choosing the color highlights any better tonnage of the Middle Tvnazhhay use. Very bright colors can enhance your face and your age. Of course, this also depends on the color of your skin. Put a coin Nqrhayrng middle of assistance. If the color of your skin, the better is the use of hair colors with cool colors, but if gold coins left and merged with the skin, the hair is warm to your skin.

Mesh Wide
When coloring hair is better to keep normal hair. Laying a piece of synthetic hair for the state and the aging of the face. Best mode uses only natural for hair coloring or highlighting hair scattered and needle.

Having long hair
Pick up the hair graying with age can show your face. If Gzshthayd than 50 years, it is better to keep your hair so short over the shoulder.

Forehead without bangs
Many women from leaving their sides and bangs hairstyles for girls schoolchildren think this is in fact not so large umbrella choice for people who have a high forehead, the wrinkles in the area to cover the face of the younger.

Thick bangs and smooth
Bangs model that every woman loves, however, if you want your bangs, bangs too thick and not flattened. This can cover your face older and show the subtleties of your face.

Close ponytail hair
Close ponytail hair from one age to the next is not allowed. This type of hair, especially if the hair-pack, can not face old. Try after 40 or 50 years down close ponytail or use low Shynyvnhay that are stylish and upscale.

Egyptian makeup hair
Choose a classic Egyptian hair usually raises age. If you are interested in this hairstyle, try a variety of more modern like the Egyptians, short, long pull on your hair curl Choose either.

Paring tips of the hairs
For years, you’re trying to cut your hair long and 1 to 2 cm tip of the hair is painful for you.Make no mistake. Damaged hair can reveal your age higher. Instead healthy hair Young’s face.

Choose Krmpvdr inappropriate
Cream is very important in skin beauty. Choose a cream-colored powder can be a difficult and heavy facial wrinkles more to demonstrate. Instead, choose Krmpvdry natural light and color with skin tonnage can show you more beautiful and younger.

مدل آرایش نامناسب

Cream is very important in skin beauty

Choose a dark lipstick
Some women use lipstick with a dark color may come and broad lips look bigger and make it more attractive they are. But most women only brings more visible yellowing teeth and a few minutes to a few years older. Choose a darker lip liner and lipstick can also convey the same sense.

Makeup eyes false
Dark makeup around the eyes and pull down eyelashes and eyeliner under the lower eyelashes mascara handling and use of contrasting colors as shades of eye color, face several years older shows.

Broad and bold eyebrows
As thin eyebrows can show older face, flatten and fill it with eyebrow pencil eyebrow form as ugly and old seem.

Use a thick layer of pancakes
Although the use of Lakas pancakes will cover the front drier skin and face old.

Do not use concealer around the eyes
Some women with gloom around the eyes, which are increasing with age. Krmpvdr can cover dark circles eyes. For this purpose you should use concealer around the eyes and check it’s just not all dark areas under the eyes.

Improper use of Blush
Select blusher bright color. If the dark Rzhgvnhhay old. Blush should take over the cheeks and nose did not close. Only on this condition that the Foundation for the lift mode and a younger face.


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