This is the secret of the beauty of you younger than the age of the show

With the procedures in this article come from the younger is cute:

The oil in salad
For having a healthy and youthful skin, proper diet is a necessity and will certainly know what the wonderful benefits of salad for your skin and health. to have younger skin the only thing you have to do is that, like an oily sauce with cream sauce. Oils food anti-oxidants and vitamins much better sauces such as mayonnaise can attract and cause your skin to be more healthy and better looks. There is no doubt that the taste of mayonnaise in the salad is great, but the sauce oil repels. Oils such as olive oil, canola oil or vinegar which tasted even better salad.


This is the secret of the beauty of you younger than the age of the show


Increase the intake of vitamin C
Food rich in vitamin C because it contains collagen, are helpful for the skin. Collagen causes skin radiance and younger and healthier it seems to get it. It’s time to intensify that lemon, Orange, strawberry, tomato, and pepper to add to your daily diet.



Yoga is the solution of all problems associated with health and beauty. The practice of asana (exercises and yoga Asana status “» (Asana).) Yoga your body different from the clearing. Yoga makes the proper blood circulation throughout the body and causes relaxation, you strengthen the muscles of the face, and is used for the reduction of stress relief and mental calm coming into existence. Some yoga movements also cause hair graying process is slow. Apart from the complicated respiratory exercises and meditation Asana exercises are also beneficial for your skin. The whole key is without a doubt a young Yoga and a healthy lifestyle.



don’t Use of the pancake.
The use of powders for the purpose of the brighter and more youthful skin is wrong because these powders to absorb fat and moisture to your skin and dry skin and dark, and fine lines and wrinkles cause the deeper skin to come comment. If you insist on using facial powders is better than mineral powders type (with mineral base).


This is the secret of the beauty of you younger than the age of the show


Watch your hands and your feet
Whilst we have no attempt to try and take care of your skin, do not hesitate, the most important thing that we don’t usually give it importance, taking care of your hands and feet. If from the outset of the process, they are well taken care of aging much faster in these two parts of the body is visible. So a regular manicure and pedicure and use a good moisturizer suitable for the young and keeping them is very important. Also, apart from hands and feet skin around the eyes and neck care is also important.






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