This is the food of your condition worse!




Fried foods: this category of foods in addition to unhealthy oils that shorten the life of it does cause heart artery blocked and increase bad cholesterol. As well as the later your inner retention improves.


This is the food of your condition worse!

Red meat: when your body has a certain disease, bacteria, and viruses when red meat you consume your body created in inflammatory that makes other body fails to comply with the disease and fight bacteria. Also, research has shown when a complication of conflict with the red meat of the immune system weakens and makes your illness be treated later.



Soda: carbonated water or water is water in which the carbonate carbon dioxide, dissolved under pressure. Carbonated water is one of the raw materials for the manufacture of carbonated beverages. Even if sugar and other sweets that make cells to deal with the weak bacteria, ignore the phosphoric acid soda that supplies a high magnesium and calcium the body is empty. It does not have a high nutritional value, you drink the nutrients in your daily life of that don’t have it and a good alternative to soda consumption instead.

Dairy products: dairy products contain casein are digested, requires a strong stomach. During digestion, stomach ailments and attract to Kennedy is doing and may be undigested food particles left in your body to make the disease of corruption and intensified.

Corn: food that is difficult to digest and as we said during the digestive system diseases does not work well and may be for the consumption of oral disease is the most intense of your digestion and late in addition to that you also digestive problems as well as the trouble-maker.

Protein: gluten is in wheat, barley, and rye, and those are hard to digest food. The consumption of foods containing gluten only causes an increase in the production of gastrointestinal mucosa of their fight against the disease.


This is the food of your condition worse!


Soy: the level of sodium in the food is huge and water gives your body affect the patient’s body if you are a weak and distant disease, soy during the drag line.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG): a common additive in some foods that increase the flavor. During the disease with the consumption of food containing MSG symptoms such as a headache, muscle stiffness, weakness along with your disease. As well as high blood pressure and weight gain, two other categories of the disadvantage of the add-on.

Recent research has shown this can be a little be harmful because it may be different diseases because the skin spots, itching, vomiting, asthma, depression, heart problems, strokes, headaches, migraines, breast pain, nausea, and weakness is also a plus. MSG on food packages can be mentioned.

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