This cosmetic habits are dangerous, to leave fast!!!



Some of the ladies have the habit each day of toiletries. If you are part of this group of ladies of these errors we recommend beauty escape.

The most dangerous cosmetic habits
For some of the ladies is a daily habit of makeup and may each day of the cosmetic products such as lotions and powders they use but sometimes cosmetic and beauty habits may be the result of the photo and individual health risk. In a few of the cosmetic and beauty habits, we mention and explain how to avoid beauty housing difficulties.

The use of cosmetic appliances others
Most experts believe that the use of the cosmetic goods of others is not a health practice. For example, although the use of brushes or lipstick or your friend might be economically affordable for you, but since this is your friend for the cosmetics supplies as a result of her germs in these appliances beauty, and if your use of these products may be your friend microbes to your body move. In addition, as much as possible of the tools available in the shop of cosmetics that are used for testing.

This cosmetic habits are dangerous, to leave fast!!!
This cosmetic habits are dangerous, to leave fast!!!

Cosmetic chemicals
In recent years about chemicals in cosmetics means a lot of discussions. The major focus of these discussions on two chemical called phthalate and paraben. In a lot of research between phthalate (which in most nail varnish and SOAP are found) and increase the risk of health problems such as diabetes and low levels of a hormonal link have been found. Paraben (a kind of preservative chemicals) in deodorant, shampoos, lotions and other cosmetic products are found in some of the research into the link between breast cancer risk and increasing paraben.

Do not clean facial makeup before bed
Many of the health problems caused by inappropriate and incorrect use makeup because of cosmetic products. For example, if your form has makeup before bed as well with the problems encountered. This is a bad habit beauty causes acne in person and even the facial skin pore and blocked in this case facial skin can not be restored during their sleep.


The use of cosmetic brushes gets dirty
The use of cosmetic brushes gets dirty causing skin infections. In General, do not clean cosmetic brushes and beauty products is one of the common mistakes. Most people do not know when should clean your brushes because the appearance of most of the brushes after use also stays clean. However, these people have said that after every time you clean your brushes should be used, as it may be after each time you use the brush for bacteria of the transfer. In General, it is recommended that your brushes regularly (for example, once every few weeks) is clean. To wash the brush, you can use a solution of warm water and a brush cleanser or SOAP.

Eyeshadows eye makeup
Most fixtures customary eyeshadows makeup is one of the bacteria to rapidly increase, so it must be always it’s important to note that for how long you’ve used a mascara. From among all the cosmetic products are the least useful lifespan of mascara and have 3 months after opening it threw out. Around the eye is very prone to allergies, because the skin around the eyes is very thin. Allergic sensitivities to mascara and eye makeup can lead to eyelid dermatitis. The nails are one of the most important factors of ocular allergies, because the contact with the hand of lacquer to the eyes, the ingredients are transferred to the turtle around the eyes.

This cosmetic habits are dangerous, to leave fast!!!
This cosmetic habits are dangerous, to leave fast!!!

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