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Things women should know about laser hair



Things women should know about laser hair


Before you go Scouting laser treatment for unwanted hair it is better to get a look at the following tips.


Things women should know about laser hair
How laser done?
Unwanted hair laser
Unwanted hair laser medical process that uses beams of light jumper destroys the unwanted hair. The laser has to skin follicles that are no longer encounter jigsaw do not want to grow. The purpose of the laser target the melanin in hair follicles, the pigment melanin in the hair follicles. The energy in the laser for removing hair folliclesand replace it with the skin.


Time matters
Unwanted hair laser
Anagen growth phase   when we want. Hair growth can be done in three stages, anagen or growth, Telogen effluvium, or relax  old onion hair analysis. When the stage is Telogen effluvium hair growth laser can not detect the hair. Unfortunately, the growth of all of the hair in one step. So must the therapeutic sessions between four to six weeks to wait.


Skin color is a potent treatment
Unwanted hair laser
Women who have darker skin color should know perhaps this color as a result of its effect on the laser. The problem for these people is that the laser cannot be between the pigment of the hair follicles and skin pigmentation differences. When the difference is not detectable the patient may experience side effects. Tanning the skin as well as on the effectiveness of laser remove unwanted hair can be effective.


Hair color creates a difference
Laser hair removal
Women or men who have turned on the right laser for hair. Since laser pigment the hair follicle gives less pigment as target laser can be harder to find it. Of course, this concern is more for people out there that is really trimmed haircuts for hair, for example, white, gray or very blonde.


Hair removal is not permanent
Laser hair
Permanent laser hair should know way to eliminate unwanted hair but you always make for unwanted hair. Some patients after a few therapeutic session again saw the unwanted hair growth.


The type of laser it is important
Types of laser hair removal
According to the hair being dark or light skin or industrial devices nowadays have made differently for different hair or skin. There are four common methods.
NdYAG laser system for dark skin is not suitable because the weak absorption of melanin Terry. For removing the hair of the loudness of YAG wavelength that sends the hairs will be caught. People who have olive skin tone color  for that device will be effective. Diode laser system for hair reduction in China used a newer device that is suitable for women with lighter skin. This device of combining long and short wavelengths to attack hair follicles. Very clear skin for women can use Ruby Laser System. This system is the oldest of the device host and attract more melanin than other options.
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