These things can be causing abdominal PTOSIS




1. to tighten the abdomen to obtain justice movements related to doing it every day
The reason: the abdominal muscles need to rest and recover. During the time of rest is that the muscles can be built. “Kathy” instructor and author of the book “clear exercise of Katy stated that:” do abdominal exercises for 3-5 days a week makes you horny, muscles and abdomen smoothness. ”


These things can be causing abdominal PTOSIS

2-full belly workout lasts half an hour
Reason: clear thought. “If you take a half hour until you feel your abdominal muscles are mobility, so probably do the wrong exercises. How to do the movements and check again on the duration of focus. Always quality is more important than quantity.


3-very quiet, a meeting of the long muscles more firmly
Reason: so that the process of your typical skinny long meeting, getting water to the quiet doing fats does not help. In fact, Kennedy was doing the movements did not utility. The exercises should help you in any situation: what you want to be entered into the sport of boxing, what you want the cake to a suitcase on the ground.
4-the best time to do abdominal movements, the end of the workout.
Reason: “Gilbert Willet” researcher, physical therapist, school of medical sciences says: “no matter what time does not do abdominal exercises, just right and stability exercises that should be of interest.”

Therefore, the best time is when you feel you want to do the exercises. But if you want at the beginning of the exercises related to the movements of the abdomen, must first make yourself the warm account. When the blood circulation, can be used easily from many injuries.


5-with diacritics (Pilates) can’t get your belly 6 pieces
Reason: “Kimberly Lyons” a private trainer in Los Angeles, believes that “the movements of the most impact on your belly and if they are, along with a healthy diet, you can certainly to your desired layers on their belly. The shape of the abdomen, upper torso height and height of the component, you are in charge of your relationship to the genes. ”


These things can be causing abdominal PTOSIS

6. no weight training and the device will not be able to water your belly
Reason: you don’t need weights in any way, of course, many athletes to increase their strength and ability of the weights they use. Lyons says: “many of the devices and weights are not designed for use by women, if you put in the machine properly does not, there may be pressure on the part that should not be entered. He also has an advice for us on the other: the Earth is too cheap that time sticking it in any place you can easily find.

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