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Their vile behavior in family disputes



Their vile behavior in family disputes


If any of the following behaviors you are there it is better to leave it as soon as possible for faster data.

Their vile behavior in family disputes

Between the pick up sound and yell is the difference there. Try never to leave a shout. Your message to this person and will not only cause a defensive mode or fear in him. A relationship should not be made based on fear but must be based on respect, love and trust.


Physical violence is never acceptable. If the time on your spouse’s anger subconsciously you lift a hand you should know you need help, and it is better to go with a psychologist or counselor.


Anyone know the culprit for your short. Before blaming others, let’s take a look yourself. Pride aside and accept your mistake.

Bringing forward the last dispute

Bring up the davaha and ashtbahan days, months and even years before is not fair. You must learn to let everything be forgotten. When a dispute arises again in the past, in fact, show your wife for not can not get it to skip topics.

Silence off

The silence off the old way that couples in disputes. this work. With the silence of this make sense to you that your partner is an important trade and wait for yourself should be up to you. This is not a healthy behavior. Instead of being quiet, let him know you have a little time to need to think about the things that have been said. Do not reply to questions and discussion introduction left off wireless discourteous behavior.




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