The world’s longest bridge of glass in China


The world’s longest bridge of glass in China


Architecture firm called glass bridge (him dotan) elaborated a width of 370 meters in a Valley called the (Grand Canyon) city (Zhangjiajie) is made in China. The bridge is about 400 meters above the valley floor, and each time, the capacity of the housing 800 people will be. credits glass bridge is the longest in the world of finance as part of the meeting, collaboration and investment in tourism in the central China Expo in 2012, supply.

The world's longest bridge of glass in China

These structures, the peaks of each of the parties connected to the Valley. It is also a kind of rope for support for
Bungie jump enthusiasts in the middle have placed the structures that support the highest rope for this exercise, click on the Earth. This rope to about 60 meters taller than the highest rope commercial support now.

Before the opening of the world’s highest bridge, support rope on the Macau Tower in China was 233 meters high.
The likelihood that this bridge has been named by the fewest glass fun, though its special education workers have seen up to those who wish to cross this bridge, are serving.
This is the second bridge is made of transparent materials in China. the first bridge on the mountain at an altitude of 1900 meter tianmen and were based.


tianmen mountain

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