An obscure Chinese company has announced a new car with NIO EP9 electric vehicle is a motor power vehicles in the Formula E is equal.

According to Mehr News quoted Nyvatls, previously known electric vehicles with engines less powerful and the weak, who were slow and were the perfect city for now the trend has been changed.

 اخبار اقتصادی ,خبرهای اقتصادی,سریعترین خودروی الکتریکی

Cashier electric supercar fantastic cars, electric cars have shown a lot of functionality and interesting.

In this regard, NextEV company has announced that his new car is NIO EP9 in all sectors is a step ahead. Engine power is also participating in the competition Formula E cars equal.

No one yet knows the Chinese company NextEV. This unknown company that has been active since 2014 in Formula E Championship, has achieved some success. But the Chinese automaker has ever built a road car.

It seems EP9 with the unveiling of a new subsidiary company is created NIO fundamental change in the automotive industry.

The first car manufacturer catchy name, but extraordinary claims about its performance. One of the toughest tests of vehicle dynamics, driving the legendary race track “Nuremberg” is.

 اخبار اقتصادی ,خبرهای اقتصادی,سریعترین خودروی الکتریکی

NextEV company claims made supercar that can track “Nvrdshlyf” (Northern Loop race track Nuremberg) in just 7: 5:12 minutes travel. The arrangements will be the fastest electric car that has gone this route.

Such a speed not only for an electric car but even in the Nissan GT-R Nismo car and sports car Viper ACR Company “Dodge”, is also significant.

Power vehicle is funded by four electric motors, each of which have their own transmission. NextEV claims the system is exactly thousand kilowatts. The vehicle speed just 7.1 seconds to 200 km per hour.

EP9 car is also extraordinary performance of the system uses replaceable batteries and can be recharged after 45 minutes to travel a distance of 427 kilometers.

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