The trouble waters

Only 18 people in the United States spend billions of dollars annually to buy deodorant and antiperspirant products to prevent body odor of the player and reduce the rate of transpiration. For many people around the world use a permanent part of the morning routine deodorant, but has always been this way conditions

The trouble waters

According to Iran, the first age health group deodorant, smell-producing bacteria that destroys, was not shipped until 1888. The first product of the anti-bacterial growth and the production of sweat, which reduces sweating, as well as approximately 15 years later, was introduced. At that time, more people than to use deodorant and antiperspirant products in your armpits were concerned. A lot of people even if such products were heard, use them unhealthy and unnecessary, or both.

But the idea of using a sort of deodorant advertising thanks to a controversial warning to women that may give them a bad armpit scent, without being aware of the problem of their own, in the early to mid-1900. The strategy of a feeling of uncertainty in the ladies answered and the Smithsonian Center, according to the report, the sale of deodorant until 1927 to one million dollars.

In 2016, according to previous experiences, some people have found that the use of personal care products on a daily basis is always effective or necessary, above all, healthy. But do you need to worry about the dangers of the use of deodorant?

Antiperspirant may cause the death of the beneficial bacteria are armpit

The complex role of microbes in the body of your health. We cannot afford to continue life without them and it is better to have cooperation with them, for example, by eating fermented foods and don’t use antibacterial soap until we destroy them.

Recently researchers have shown that always use deodorant and antiperspirant significant effect on bacterial diversity and density of the armpit.

According to the results of a study that was carried out in 2014, when the use of deodorant and antiperspirant by participants in this study was halted, the specific bacterial density was incremental. When the use of antiperspirants are launched, once again dramatically reduced bacterial density and the difference was also evident in a variety of bacteria.

The sum of these results indicates a strong effect using deodorant and antiperspirant underarm on the bacterial composition of human beings.

Though still more research to meet the need for health and bacteria Corynebacterium works, but know that the body’s production of Corynebacterium, smell, can help protect against pathogens.


Antiperspirants can be axillary odor-producing bacteria increase

Because human sweat smells bad to open underarm bacteria residing in the fats and amino acids contained in sweat to break material which has a specific smell. Antiperspirant with the use of antimicrobial agents to kill bacteria and other materials like aluminum that block sweat glands is to address this problem. However, separate research has shown that antiperspirants are bacterial balance in the human Axilla are effective and may even lead to bad getting dependencies sweat.
It is known that bacteria that produce less odor due to aluminum compounds may (the active ingredient in most antiperspirants) are killed by the bacteria to produce power with even more growth allowed Bowie. This means that it is using an antiperspirant could even have the opposite result and smell your armpit is worse, in the absence of that using them can finally smell gentle, more productive.

Is there a relationship between antiperspirants and cancer are there?

If you look at the ingredients in antiperspirants have aluminum, probably your on like that as a barrier to reduce transpiration will be used. Antiperspirants containing aluminum may not be the same as a long-term source of aluminum exposure action that can be taken, according to the research in breast tissue of women gathering.

This is problematic for several reasons because the aluminum may cause changes in the DNA and also genetically epinephrine, which can help the growth of cancer.

Aluminium (and aluminum chloride colors specifically aluminum hydrate) to create disorder in estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells, also known as estrogen in breast cancer and plays a role.

The studies as well as the high incidence of breast cancer in one breast high-foreign quarter, close to where the antiperspirants are used, and genomic instability have shown. During the study, the researchers noticed in 2013 increased levels of aluminum in the liquid output of nipple women with breast cancer compared with women who were healthy. They also increased the levels of the inflammation and oxidative stress views.


Paraban in deodorant can be associated with breast cancer

Paraban is preservatives that are in a lot of antiperspirant and deodorant are found. The estrogenic activity of chemicals in human breast cancer cells and the research that was done in the year 2012, showed a 99 percent or more of the sample of 160 paraban in tissue samples collected from 40 of the breast have been there.

Other research paraban in 18 out of 20 samples of tissue taken from the breast tumors are identified.

In the absence of a link between breast cancer and parban is not yet definitive, growing research suggests better and rational action by maintaining a more cautious.

Are natural deodorants are safe?

In General, a deodorant can be somewhat safer than antiperspirants, because typically lacks are aluminum. There are several brands on the market that lack antiperspirant aluminum production and some of them are more secure alternatives.


The point is to reduce the body odor naturally


Body odor is definitely not dangerous, but it can harm others. All people are welcome in their armpits to smell sweat production. About two percent of the people have the single gene that causes their armpit sweat and no odor. This is the same gene that causes the formation of flaky and dry Earwax in the ear wet and sticky against crime.Studies have shown that even these people also typically use deodorant and antiperspirant use, provided that you do not need them.

If you smell a bad body, these conditions typically associated with the exit of toxins from the body and is probably not your natural scent. If a “clean living” style, meaning that food and environmental toxins exposure to at least accomplished and thus has a low toxic load you are, your sweat is almost odorless.

Do not attempt a natural process your body transpiration using antiperspirant stops. In fact, extreme sweating can help to reduce body odor. To adjust the temperature of your body and avoid excessive heat and sweat so much for the benefits of sweating.

Sweating helps to eliminate toxins that function properly and lead immune system better and catching diseases associated with the toxin in body size over there can help. Sweating can kill viruses and bacteria that cannot survive in high temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) as well as on the surface of your skin, help brings durability.

Research on a bacterial link to cut excessive body odor. The idea behind the research was supposed to fight bacteria, producing the smell by the time of its kind. The study, which was conducted with the participation of 15 participants in the short term for all they were effective, but the number of participants after a few months back with bad breath.

The other option is to eliminate the smell of the Body apart from the thumbs and the stand with water and SOAP, regular exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation, particularly UVB, a powerful germicide. In people who are tanning their skin go away almost entirely, body odor observed probably due to the death of the UVB-producing bacteria by smell.

For some people, took off from baking soda and water as an effective deodorant. Also, use a small amount of Apple Cider vinegar in your armpit, you can try.

The trouble waters


3 tbsp coconut oil

2 tablespoons Shea butter

3 tbsp baking soda

2 tbsp cornstarch

5 drops of essential oil (lavender, Orange, etc)
Methods of preparation of:

One side of the glass in the middle of a small pot containing water. The water to the boiling point and then with coconut oil and shea butter in the dish pour water up to the glass.

Turn off the flame and the baking soda and cornstarch and add until it is completely dissolved to bash. Your favorite essential oil to this mix and let to cool.

At room temperature, the deodorant you horny. Can a small ball of it and directly apply to your armpits and thickening or before it is poured into a container padded antiperspirant to be easier to use it.

In the months of his hot deodorant should be refrigerated to prevent the melt coconut oil.




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