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The stairclimbing weelchair

1- Defined types of weelchair:

Power maneuverable


Style-from aluminum or other metals

Detachable and interchangeable arm and treadle

Ability to adjust the center of gravity by shifting the drive wheels

Variety Wheelchair components (rear – side tray – treadle, etc.) for maximum compatibility with a wheelchair


2 – standard wheelchair: the wheelchair is simple, robust weighing about 18 kg is administered as a common wheelchair. Other features include:


detachable side tray

Rz Seat Consultants “in 5-3 size but delivers depth and height of the rear seat are fixed.

  • Ability to accommodate a wheelchair with a person’s ability is low.

3 – wheelchair uniaxial : is active wheelchair propulsion is done with one hand.


4 – wheelchairs stretcher: wheelchair with adjustable backrest angles and treadle


  1. wheelchair static: a wheelchair enabled, which allows stationary angle of 80 degrees relative to the horizontal plane is provided, and is of three types:


1-5 mechanical wheelchair: In this type, movement and stagnation did mechanically using Azqt upper limbs or sitting stationary state comes in.


2 -5- static mechanical wheelchair – Electric: This type of wheelchair, wheelchair moves mechanically, but it static by rechargeable electric propulsion fed from an electrical supply is done.


3 -5- static electric wheelchair: In this type of wheelchair motion by electric propulsion and static electrical charge from a source that is fed, takes place.


  1. The electric wheelchair: a wheelchair that its thrust is performed using the electric motor. This type of wheelchair is designed for those who do not have the ability to use a manual wheelchair.


  1. wheelchair, shower chair that body and its parts are resistant to moisture and is designed for use in bathrooms and toilets.


C – wheelchair administration based on duration of use is of two types:


  1. The interim administration: the need for a wheelchair, temporary and mainly “because of injuries caused by accidents and duration of administration generally” less than 6 matter.
  1. The permanent administration: wheelchair as a walking person is permanently replaced.
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