The secret to increase longevity





Increased longevity is one of the long-standing aspirations of mankind. In this article, we’re going to increase the lifetime of the ways of expression that have been proven by science. The interesting thing is that most of these ways by Islamic religion and traditional medicine and have also recommended to us.

Be the duty

Research shows that a sense of duty to increase longevity. Researchers have found that people are the most responsive task trying to protect their own health.

The secret to increase longevity

Meet a lot of friends

Australian researchers have determined that those elderly who have many friends a little more secluded than people die. Other research on the relationship between longevity and having a friend confirmed.

A wise choice of friends

Your friends ‘ habits affect you so looking for friends with healthy adat. Research shows that obesity can be contagious and if you have a fat chance of becoming obese like you 57 percent increases. Smoking and smoking is also one of the habits are contagious.



Weight loss

If you are obese, you can get lean against a disease that low life expectancy, such as heart disease, diabetes and … The protection. Between the different types of obesity, obesity is more dangerous than all the belly, then first on removing belly fat.



People who exercise are rated average life more than people who do not exercise. According to regular physical activity, dozens of research, the risk of such diseases, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some types of cancer and reduces depression. Exercise can even help your brain health high ages. 2.5 hours a week exercising for health is useful and necessary.



Several types of research show that married people have more of their fellow human beings live single. The researchers found the reasons for this increase in lifespan social and financial differences only people than married people. Additionally, people who have divorced or deceased partner is also a lifetime more than people who have not married at all.

The secret to increase longevity


The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet, a diet full of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, olive oil and fish. Reviews of more than 50 research on more than half a million people, represents the benefits of this regime. The findings of this research show that the risk of the metabolic syndrome (the condition is a combination of obesity, high blood glucose, blood pressure and other factors that increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetes increases,).

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