The secret three-day fitness Hollywood actors?


Beyonce Knowles including stars that are claimed with the help of lemon juice diet reduces your excess weight. subtracting the extra weight of the body, low-calorie diet, and permanent hunger is much easier than you think. Instead of low-calorie diet is a diet full of lemon juice in order to try to have a body. Although this is the kind of Hollywood Celebrity dieting regime, but in fact its main purpose out the toxins from the body.


The secret three-day fitness Hollywood actors?

The lemon juice diet guidelines:
Two tablespoons of fresh lime juice with two tablespoons of Maple SAP and a tenth of a teaspoon of red pepper and 10 to 14 ounces mixed water and every day 6-8 glasses of this drink mix. Every day the age of one to two teaspoons of salt without iodine dissolved in a glass of water and drink it.


How does lemon juice diet?
The consumption of lemon juice along with the red pepper makes a certain loosening on the walls of the colon and be prepared for them to go away. citric acid and vitamin C contained in lemon juice to digest food also help the body prepare for weight loss. At the same time the SAP of maples and not filter processing of minerals and nourishing your body’s supply requirements and makes during the three days that you use the power of the regime and keep your energy.

In addition, the consumption of lemon juice per day within your body for weight loss are prepared, should toxins that eliminated separate and finally drinking the salt water causes get out the toxins from the body.


The secret three-day fitness Hollywood actors?

After three days follow-up of lemon juice, go on the scales when seeing a few pounds of weight loss. Some just three days of using this diet but continue this diet for a period of 10 days or even more, working so hard.

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