The relationship of air with an interesting face



Discussion of the air and shift a discussion of therapeutic applications. For example, if a person is having a boil we can’t shift it as a medical procedure we recommend but as a complementary therapy version of the application is simple and we can use that to prescribe a simple incense mix water and thyme and Chamomile in the rose water is very effective. A tablespoon of powdered thyme,


The relationship of air with an interesting face


A tablespoon of powdered Chamomile in a liter of water to add CC 200 Rose water fritter and the temperature of the liquid to the boiling temperature would struggle. This action can be in any forum that would sell water to boiling temperatures, such as a simple pot. When the water temperature reached boiling temperature according to the traditional method of using a towel to inhale incense this 15 minutes. Chamomile for clarifying property

And analytical properties is that whiteheads pimples and blackheads and the piers can be seen which opens the boil and drain a pimple easier. It may be at first, feeling that the boiling dye tends to redness has found that this is normal and will lead to the opening of the boil and drain boiling within the material.



Most people with oily skin, this category of people have a very good feel of incense but if anyone have dry skin you should pay attention to this point that some incense dry skin. Such persons shall, after appropriate use of incense a moisturizer that indeed this will also benefit from the benefits of incense and also make your skin moisture. The reason for this is that after opening the skin pores and make the skin absorbs moisture better.

A discussion of the basic and important in the field of health and the field wide open for the doctor treating you. Should note that the debate is a long-lasting pimple and most patients referred to this issue are noted that are one or two years, captured the last boiling and the therapeutic approach for the treatment of pimples and fixes to their traditional medicine or medicine. Talk food with diet modification therapist should provide the circumstances of a patient that the patient’s imagination for the rest of have always welding effect but it does have a quiet calm


The relationship of air with an interesting face


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