The reasons for having the benefit of anesthesia (IQ) up?





The reasons for having the benefit of anesthesia (IQ) up?


IQ or IQ differ according to individuals. Do you know the reason for the high IQ in some people? In this article you along with


The reasons for having the benefit of anesthesia (IQ) up?


While in recent years about being careful and fair test of IQ or the anesthesia interest discussion is done, it is still the method for measuring a person’s intelligence tomahboubi. In General, education, genetics, education and skills exam, in having a high IQ.


Talk about what the value of the individual intelligence of the genes of their parentshas been moved to its origin, is continuing but the assessment, the inheritance of Haute environment that has grown it in person. This is a dispute about the nature vs.nurture. However it is clear that heredity plays an important role in determining the person’s intelligence. On the studies of identical twins, which are basically the samegenome shows that standardized test scores in the fall even if similar in different homes have been great.


The environment
High IQ


While the learning capacity of human genetics provides for good health and an environment, triggers are also necessary to shape a person’s intelligence. In addition, basic knowledge of the actual training of the individual, increases the lghatsh of the circle, and the opportunity to practice the computational and analytical skills provides. On the studies of identical twins show that if in a family with a parent, and a type of education and health are the big score that even intelligence will be more close to each other


Try giving skills
Try giving the ability a skill acquired. That has been proven to give exam skills such as carefully read all of the instructions (guidelines), time management, anxiety management and the use of techniques to strengthen memory, all to increase intelligence test score. As well as to increase their score, an answer to the questions in the test sample comes intelligence practice.


The performance of the
It may be a different person in a similar test and give different results. Good enough to eat and relax before the intelligence test scores increases.


Discrimination in the test
Intelligence test for the sake of having a discrimination to the parts of the population are located. It also includes intelligence tests, mathlanguage intelligence and logical measure but other kinds of music, such as intelligence, spatial intelligence, and between the individual assessment.

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