عطر و ماندگاري,بهترین عطرها,ماندگار ی عطرها

Bush a few hours you are? The most common questions that are asked on a perfume.Aroma retention in popular culture has become the most important quality factor. But the veracity of this belief is facing serious challenges.

Attar and clear answers to these questions are grand expert world of perfume that violate public opinion and aroma gives new look to consumers. According to the experts what factors other than the quality of perfume is important is survival!

The purity of aromas, combining harmonic chords or notes of fragrances, perfect interaction of these factors against environmental irritants and inscribed and the indicators of quality of Boudry Trnd.mandgary and play the next steps are to evaluate the quality of perfume. This depends on various reasons why.

First, the shelf life of a perfume using Catchers (Stabilizers) for a few weeks but Attar increase the use of chemical fixator Nasvab know why that might be inappropriate or harmful allergens. You may have heard that someone’s skin caused by constant use of a perfume stain has been removed or inflammation Bashd.dlyl This inappropriate use of chemicals in fragrance compositions and migraine Ast.srdrdhay olfactory system Rnjshhay can also be atri, which consists of smell Namnasbnd.try you’ve used chemicals that not all the audience senses your presence to attract all the time but subtle message must contain the identity and personality of the perfume smell should tell you Bashd.rahhtr saturate the Atafyantan.

The second issue Bvst.msrf player of perfume scents like perfume a few meters away had heard and if Perfumery This feature is so good fragrance. Ast.trhayy inaccurate notion that contain these characteristics are generally of solvents with high evaporation rate at least benefit and perfume without any action or reaction on the skin evaporates immediately and without any refinement to smell those around them. the perfumes are often even more annoying, let alone Khvshayndy.ama Iranian culture: respect and silence in the face of any attack against the Iranian Namtlvb.bnabrayn seems unlikely friendship uneven fragrance perfume smell did well ask. if the complaint is the answer is clear. Yes, what a good perfume and what is its name of Where to buy?

Iranian compliments annoyance hidden truth behind the words and you never audience would not notice the perfume for a range of good irritating your skin absorption and utilization of body temperature and chemical composition slowly on evaporation of surface of your skin and elementary and middle and end notes will be published at the right time Krd.trkhvb headaches and harassment not addressed the use of solvents with high odor Shd.pkhsh high evaporation rate and the fragrance of your perfume refined Nshdh.hych one should notice unless the in one step. if you would like to have more perfume smell spread of the lotion, shower gel, perfume after the way and use its products.

The third point is the promotion of culture among consumers use perfume perfume perfume perfume industry Concurrently, the use of perfume in the countries of luxury goods, but not as strategic products are used in everyday interactions. Therefore, the other a fragrance appropriate response for their daily needs. Nyst.frz waking up that morning to go to work, you have to press .bayd perfume that suits your workplace friendly. after the midday and evening Daryd.try you use the right of the guests crowded invited for this perfume is sprayed space on your skin Knyd.dvran a perfume one day to two days Sramdh.hal Suppose you already have a lasting scent that morning to the evening party in this case, what would you do? make if you called Long lasting have used fragrance chemical fixation with showering the problem will not be solved and it is not clear if the perfume fragrance smell the aroma previous press Rsyd.bhtr lasting more than 6 hours, the audience will forget.

The fourth policy issue that companies have taken several years to produce fragrance. The formulation of perfumes. That is why sometimes hear complaints that the old perfume lasting durability Fqst a few hours a day in the new shopping and we immediately infer non Arzhynal perfume or called Fick Fick bought Aym.drst that the products have filled the market, but not necessarily Fick’s no reason for its persistence same perfume manufacturer Nyst.shrkt for increasing their sales by changing the formulation of perfume fragrances you get to use several times during the day And.bkhshy these issues consistent with the promotion of the use of perfume So do not judge hastily happened.

The fifth issue of strict rules Amrykast.athadyh Europe Europe and the Food and Drug Administration and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to protect the natural resources of oil and other essentials of a perfume endangered use of limited natural resources or has been banned and fragrance manufacturers no choice but to remove the oil, oil or gum from your Tvr Ndarnd.msla combination of Nbrsayl, musk or perfume oil in combination with a sable plant and animal origin is prohibited and if used for a long time manufacturer could not sell it and face a hefty fine. please follow the musk deer musk fragrance origin because you will not be found!

Finally, changes in environmental conditions, weather, rainfall, change the type of fertilizer. It can be a factor in changing factors such as perfume. For example, fragrance fragrance notes of orange Sicily could be different due to the drought in wet conditions have been Bashd.mmkn production in 2011, producing the fragrance in the perfume that was very rewarding Italy 2013 and little rainfall fundamental differences flower pot Bashd.amthansh is worthy of his apartment for a week with very little water irrigate its fragrance will definitely notice a change.

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