The principles of sexual massage

Sex massage the body in preparation to begin couples sex plays an important role.

In this entry of Iran as long as the body to stick to sex education before starting a sexual relationship can be a very important role in annoy your spouse.


In marital relations, very often one party tired of daily work and are unwilling to have sex and pleasure each other so don’t brand, in this case, the opponent if the massage on his he gets stimulation and performs daily fatigue also vanish for how to learn how to massage the data to be with us


This helps to massage both of you from stress and fatigue and rid of each other daily work fun. to start sex massage, you will feel your interests with regard to the surrounding environment with the use of led lighting and quiet music sleep ready. don’t forget to turn on your phone’s austerity budget is stuck message until much later, “the annoying ringing of your work!


After preparing the conditions to start the wife sex massage without the airport.


_ To start massaging his face first, stroking up her anxiety and tiredness go away.

_ You can massage with hand  annoying Instead drawing his feet .

Srasarbden massage _ from across the different toe very stimulating.

_ You can make some places from her softness and gentleness and elsewhere is sturdy and with far massage.

Many couples _ who had been tired after a day’s work and do not have to do with the marital relationship by mm sex massage, stimulating and well prepared to perform sex. sex another massage from the relationship between you and make more.

_ When sex massage should be your good physical and verbal reactions and attention with regard to satisfaction and her need to massage other parts of her.

_ Your wife’s body always  the sensitivity of the option “remember that touch is a massage  just with a touch of romance.

So imagine that you love from your heart to your hands and moved from there to the body he directed.


The principles of sexual massage


1 – it is the best massage on a soft cloth and gentle on the Earth. the bouncy bed suitable for this.

2 – to do the massage should be a comfortable and safe environment you have to worry about others annoying others came and went.

3 – wash your hands clean and warm them.

4 – be careful that you use massage oil that is too hot or too cold.

5 – watch your jewelry and ring out of her skin to harm you.

6 – the first ever massage oil on your hands next to your body shed apply. Sometimes if the massage oil or lotion directly on the body of the fold will be annoying.

7 – start the massage until the end it take never both his hands from her body-con .

8 – always with the softness of massage and spend time and never rush.

The atmosphere of the surrounding environment plays an important role in your satisfaction is of the same sex is better for

_ You usually “your sexual fantasies matching bedroom furniture.

_ One of the most photogenic environments around the issue of notes.

_ You can sleep with the lights or low light Lampshade.

_ Prior lamps as well as live tv and another by any means are off.

_ It’s better to play a gentle music as well.

_ The type of coverage and even the color of the dresses you can point to the opposite side contains a certain message.

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