The President of Indonesia changed the 13 Cabinet Minister

The President of Indonesia changed the 13 Cabinet Minister

Indonesia’s President today (Wednesday) in his Cabinet a reformist Economics Minister and former head of the army in charge of Security Affairs of the country.

Joko Widodo, the Indonesian President said (serie yndrạwạty moliani) in the years 2005 to 2010, Minister of economy and later manage part of the World Bank, and now again the Minister of the economy

Indonesia. He was the first time the country’s Ministry of economy enterprise could use the global crisis

Save and improve the country’s economy and tackle corruption.


At the same time “viranto”, ex-army Chief General when the army in East Timor has committed

Human rights violations had been found responsible, as the Minister of security, political and Legal Affairs of Indonesia has been appointed. In the era of the command of the army on Indonesia and East Timor for 24 years during the occupation of approximately 100 thousand tons. But he rejected any involvement in the killing and has never been a time of trial



In the past (lohute bynsạr pạnjạytạn), which has been a close ally of current President this side for the

Website. That from the perspective of the President is not efficiently.



Now that the Minister has changed at 13 of them have been replaced with new people. Many of these individuals are economy and finance Affairs because of intense focus on the Affairs of the President of Indonesia and the economic progress of the country.



The President of Indonesia (Joko Widodo), said: we need to solve the poverty problem. We have a gap between the rich and the poor and between the

Areas of endemic. We need to strengthen the country’s economy and create job opportunities for all.

It is worth mentioning:

In the third period of the presidential election, (Joko Widodo) could earn 53% of votes to be selected as the President of the Republic of Indonesia



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