The mother of all martial arts Wushu World

In fact Wushu Wushu is the mother of all martial arts world or the kung fu or Chinese Boxing is not a sport but an art contains more than 15 sports wushu should be like a boxer strong hands, like a wrestler or a judo techniques. conflict is familiar, experienced leg and foot techniques, complete, full advantage should be like a gymnast acrobatics strong the movement.

Kicks hands, feet, fighting and self-defense techniques, movements, acrobatics, not China or the same techniques, joint locks, speed, strength, longitudinal and transverse twitches, forms a strong, fast and beautiful and powerful struggles in Sanda is a free fight the competitive struggle of Wushu competitions to be polished is thus best.

But it does not end there but is just the beginning. At this point he joins the ranks of practicing psychotherapist, she must also empower his soul and take advantage of its latent forces. Say “Tai Chi” Wushu is late, but it does not, for martial arts, Wushu is not infinite, especially because inspired by nature and as old as nature continues. Wushu Rzmykar addition to being a skilled labor must be skilled clinicians for its own ends. Of course, practicing the principles of Wushu John Safa and prevent diseases that are mostly rooted in the human spirit. In my opinion that we should now seek a technique called exercise therapy in sports medicine and exercise and martial art Wushu suffering most in this pioneer.

Wushu say is rooted in the principle of the withdrawal of China and show this Wushu word “Wu” means cracking martial arts “Vrshmaq _Vr” that is rooted in combat.

Wushu in China dates back a very long time that primitive societies were created the first human social forms, returns. At that time, in order to maintain health, treat disease, increase physical stamina and longevity and taught military skills to members of these societies, movements were devised extending over different periods, the sport has become attractive modern Wushu Championships .

During the 14th to the 16th centuries, prominent figures in the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts gradually came together and wushu styles to mimic the movements of rodents such as leopard, crane, snake, tiger and dragon created. But then Emperor of gradually dismayed activities of the inhabitants of the temple and the temple saw a threat to his rule, he issued a decree of destruction and burning of the Shaolin Temple. Emperor in the campaign for the destruction of the Temple, only a few people could have survived the Mhlkh Badr. The bitter historical event on the other hand dissemination martial arts Shaolin Temple, which until then had been reserved, and hide the rest of the country was China, though emperors of dynasties ruling the vast country of China as a threat to the rule of martial arts training and has banned it had seen her do emperors but also that it promotes narcissistic these exercises and have provided. During the Shang Dynasty (Shang) and Zhou (Zhau) gestures came Wushu, which was used to train soldiers every year in the fall and spring Jiao called a special wrestling competition to select soldiers and the granting of honorary titles were held. The application development system for Wushu, combat moves slowly with Shmshmyr, spears and sticks were also there. The emergence of groups, street show called Loki (Luqi) Displaying martial arts move through their living, the spread was more wushu. During the reign of King Dynasty (Qing) and Ming (Ming) can be flourishing era of laying stress Wushu.

Veterans and governance of the sport in Iran Hossein Davoudi refuge to teachers (Dadashi) – Mohammad PourGholami – the power of God Davoodi Panah – Ali Jahangiri – Murad Joseph – Unity Asadi – Sohrab was born – Ali knowledge – Nasser Abvalqasmy- Reza Rezaei Afshar – M Shiraz – Homayoun Khorram – Nasser grateful – AA Kohzad – Hatem proof – Hossein Hazrati – Kamran Pirnia – were named Samad Valizade and other loved ones who may forget, perhaps no one can name numerous wushu styles all styles with its characteristics for us open the conversation.

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