The most surprising places underground world

The most surprising places underground world
Wonders are not always on the ground and they can not be easily and effortlessly see!Sometimes you have to see the wonder and adventure of deep underground Dravryd.dr some parts of the world there are places that will surprise and even horror stories of what the first reaction to seeing them can make.
underground cemetery in Paris, France

عجایب گردشگری,مکان زیرزمینی عجیب,عجیب ترین اماکن زیرزمینی دنیا

Large population areas in the center of Paris in the eighteenth century, government officials were forced to build the aqueduct as a mass grave. During a period of 18 months, bones and bodies of the dead to their eternal resting place in the basement was transmitted.
In this place the “empire of death” is known, there are millions of bones and see part of it is also open to the public.


Paddy Kober, northern Australia

عجایب گردشگری,مکان زیرزمینی عجیب,عجیب ترین اماکن زیرزمینی دنیا

Kober Paddy, is one of the strangest places in the underground world, because approximately 80% of its people live and work underground because of overheating.
In fact Kvbrpry a mining town, and after a teenage boy in 1915, Opal was discovered in the city, has always been a destination for immigrants Ast.nchh miners more than anything else in this city can be seen, tunnels and mine are still in it are glaring.
It is true that this underground city was built, but this does not mean that the existence of the church, art gallery, hotel, a variety of shops and stores and other businesses are excluded.

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