The most important secret to beauty



The secret: the power of moisturizing
“If only the purchasing power of a health product, buy a good moisturizer and proper.” New York University Professor and the head of the Association of Surgeons of the American skin, so this advice says, “sometimes your skin is the only thing that is necessary, a mild detergent suitable for a moisturizer.


The most important secret to beauty


When the skin is dry, the sharper and more wrinkles and makes the older people. ”
It seems the more skin specialists if you have 20 to 30 years old, moisturizers can protect against premature aging of your skin. In this age, moisturizers can replace many of the skin care and health products.
A good moisturizer what features?
A medical professor at the University of Minnesota and a dermatologist, in response to this question, says: “moisturizers are products that are having useful compounds for the skin, skin moisture supply needed to contribute.

This is what a moisturizer is more suitable for you will depend on your skin profile. If the typical your skin or dry, you use a moisturizer containing alpha hydroxy acid that helps in the production of more moisture to the skin.

It also recommends that the moisturizer to your skin when you apply on your skin is a little wet because this causes moisture inside of your skin is not confined.
According to his advice, if your skin is very dry, you need to use products that have been produced way emulsions bag. In this technique, alternate layers of microscopic cells are blue with moisture that is released gradually throughout the day, keep the skin wet.


The most important secret to beauty


The third secret: be sure to check the sunscreen
Before it came to beauty surgery, and before that the money for the cost of evaluating the prevalence of worm and other action before any summary, it is better to use sunscreen.
We are all more or less the impact from sunscreens in reducing the risk of skin cancer and know. But did you know that the big secret is sunscreen, a beauty that can show the younger skin?
Experts say that in addition to sunscreen, it prevents the entry of dangerous radiation of the Sun, the skin from the impact of the Sun on the skin too old.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology research, even a few minutes of exposure to sunlight, if regularly and daily and without the use of sunscreen, caused huge changes in the skin; not just early, but wrinkles and wrinkles and lightening skin relaxation time will follow. So what is the remedy?
Dermatologists say sunscreen can be dangerous in front of the ray skin sun protection. In this way, if you have even the long hours spent in free space, the influence of the Sun on the skin appear less.

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