غار,غارهای یخی,زیباترین غارهای جهان

The most beautiful underground corridors !! (+ Photos)
There are different types of caves in the world: the holes in the wall of lava caves and rocky coastline to chalk caves. But regardless of the cave, caves are one of nature’s most beautiful landscapes.
Cloak of darkness, the natural beauty of the world’s most caves are covered. Some caves are holes in the rock walls along the coastline where waves are always brutal assaults. Some of the caves are made of volcanic lava that cooled and hardened outer surface of the lava, molten rock in the tunnels have created. Caves, glaciers and ice caps may even form, when the flow of warm water creates tunnels in the large quantities of ice.
But according to National Geographic, most caves are of karst landscape of limestone, dolomite and gypsum rocks that slowly dissolve in water and acid to create an environment with background. Rain combined with carbon dioxide in the air these caves, while pouring on the ground and dive in it, more of the gas is dispersed in the environment. The result is the most important mineral weak acid solution of karst rocks, the calcite (limestone Blu-ray) will dissolve. Over time, the holes and channels and caves are formed in this environment creates a process that takes more than 100 thousand years.

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