The man with the strange power

No human being is not that work in your profession, occupation, or wants to be the best and be the owner of the energy to be able to do his job the best way possible. Sometimes people are not easily able to be successful at work and their jobs because some laws and orders against the foot and cannot see beyond it. Therefore transcendental energy toward the harbor. The energy to power such as praying, Jen and astrolabe, the property and the client.

When certain human beings take it from him, always make a force on heavy and you feel that the person has a tremendous force is trying to explore it. His discoveries in the notice that the person has a prayer, or Elf, or property, or the client. That is against some injuries and protect him against some big success, the valves are on their on.

The man with the strange power
The man with the strange power

My argument is that this in itself seems to be the owner of a certain spiritual power and it is not pure and all their power owes the same rites, such as Dua, Elf, King, and client … Knows.

In some sayings of the narrative and I noticed this entry I’ve been that even the person of the Prophet (s.a.) and imams (r), a property and have a client that at the request of some of the people who have received the demand, the King, and his client have been entrusted to them.
Nowadays in some books and pamphlets that are even on the Internet also played a very nasty content, there are also of how this could be a Genie and a client and property. Beset up to conquer a series of a series of things and achieve things away.

This truth also have things that, no doubt, but the main thing is that to such issues, not only to believe in faith and affect humans, but little by little he toward certain issues such as this that humans have no spiritual power, Elf and human property and superior of the client and its superior intelligence is human intelligence, propel.


Are humans that have specific cogent to the children, it’s casual, and a vow of pilgrimage and the need to sometimes due to the pilgrimage, their spiritual power to give a certain God.

There are even some who pray to bring developers on hand so that they can bring a child into the world that has a certain power.

Discuss this entry can be very complex and problematic and some of the human and spiritual beliefs about the human relationship with God, and the following questions that in this case most of these could not be spoken.


But the important point of this is why humans get to return a reference to the divine powers and the powers of the mediator. The power that even then, for various reasons, there are also some losses and in principle contrary to morals.

Maybe some think that in any case it is physical gaps and relays the power should be used. But just like this that Adam and other inventory to its monopoly with him whatever you like, do. Do you like such?!

Be sure that you will be the face and hands to the fantastical things, apart from the people who hand out of the way scientific and surreal, these tricks are all rated power are that the client, or the puck, or the property for it. For example, a person who will look at a metal-bending, the client or property or energy cell, Jenny bending the metal to help him. Because of this, such as human beings, are not seen and beyond. The reason is that the person with a focus on metal, it bends.

If these people ask exactly when attempting to bend the metal, what recourse in its feel, some maybe even something they feel and some of the characters are about to feel the flow in his body and focus it on the metal-speak and we have no convincing explanations for the origin of the bending energy that causes such as metal, from somewhere else and it is just this person exchanged the relays And ordered it.

Even people who claim to be the world can see and detection in the human body and if you look at the history, you’ll note that this notice in accordance to its refraining, from the meat of some animals, are forbidden in certain circumstances after abstinence from food and water, so that they can have a certain property or Elf or the chance to conquer their client so they can see what is not seen.

All this makes you understand that once an Elf in the secrets of the sky had access to secrets of the world and the Science Foundation would have survived.

But in this world, there are human beings who possess inherent purity and are working in the field of science and secrets and trying to wake that transformed human life and the power of science and it does not have any intermediary, and only from within the self, which is the result of its inherent purity in the length of life and the only intermediary, the same God who has the power to cleanse itself because of the nature of He has paid.

The film’s narrative of Solomon if truth is designed, you are a man with control of suck and feed and master and corner and focus on demons and becomes successful, that it has to attract his body to conquer and against Solomon to the feet. And you can see that the force of the puck and demons Ann from oneself, and the humans are forced to work an unreasonable and immoral people left and adventure.

The man with the strange power
The man with the strange power


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