The man behind the scenes politics of Pete Souza

“Pat Sousa” White House photographer who from the start of Obama’s campaign, he has been a competition for mobile to have this available today as shadow chasing America’s President, and from anywhere and any photographic situation. Sousa, one of the most important contemporary history photos celebrity photos from America, namely the command room, the White House at the moment of bin Laden’s terror operations have only shot photography is that up to this size could be the President of America.


“Pat Sousa” white Citadel photographer who since the beginning of President Obama’s electoral competition, he has been accompanied to today will have to give this the same as the shadow of America’s head of State prosecutions and any situation anywhere and does photography. Sousa, one of the The most original photos and pictures on contemporary America means a named shots from the white Citadel of command took bin Laden’s terror operations have only shot photography is that up to this size to be able to close the US head of State.


“Pete Souza. The man who spent eight years documenting two presidential Barack Obama at the White House. He eight years about two million photos. Ronald Reagan’s official photographer in the Sousa 1983 to 1989 has also been, in fact, the first photos of Barack Obama in 2005. He’s going to walk in the walk around the red square and no one knew who he was and is a true four years later as the forty-fourth President of the United States of America. A number of amazing images Sousa in this entry.

A report in the Washington Post to introduce one of the hidden tools of Barack Obama in the U.S. presidential election in 2012.

But the official White House photographer, Sousa, a significant role in shaping the personality of Barack Obama with the American and world public opinion has played and the chances of winning the election in doubt and it was associated with skeptical

voters are not exaggerated to say that Souza is one of the main gears for reelection machine.

«In this field, “Robert Gibbs said: when this is all we can see that 8 years Pat Sousa is the most important Illustrator.


According to the report, 2 photo is clearly the importance of the role of the Sousa pet photo of the Obama narrative, “he’s for the people to show up.


One of them is a picture of Obama in a room with other White House staff such as “Hillary Clinton» Secretary was taken when viewing live military operations against bin Laden in Afghanistan, the U.S. military that Al-Qaida leader was killed.


The second photo is about to have a baby with Spider-man and the “Barack Obama” to throw imaginary cords to this child.

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