The Majesty of Niagara



Niagara waterfalls (Niagara Falls), said that the three gathered waterfall on the border of the United States and Canada in the province of Ontario in Canada and New York State in the territory of the territory of the United States. The waterfalls on the Niagara River located south of the head of the bottleneck.

This is big to small waterfalls in order are Horseshoe Falls, the American falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Horseshoe falls on the Canadian and American falls on the part of the American sector rather than have that his Goth or island Goat Island apart. The smaller Bridal Veil falls or in the American hand, this collection is that of the other waterfalls cascade his Luna Island separates. The boundary between the two countries on the principle of the international year of the 1819 waterfall Horseshoe is going but the border due to the erosion of the land and construction and makers is disputed.

The Majesty of Niagara
The Majesty of Niagara

This waterfall on the Niagara River and Lake Erie’s water rather than drained and Lake Ontario. This waterfalls altogether the highest flow rate among all the world’s waterfalls. The height of this waterfall is more than 50 meters (165 feet). Horseshoe Falls with respect to the height of the water fall and flow, the most powerful waterfall in North America. at the time filled with Abbey over the 168 thousand m3 ¬†in normal mode and close to 110 thousand m3 of water per minute of this waterfall poured in.

This collection falls on 27 kilometers (17 miles) North and Northwest of Buffalo and 121 kilometers (75 miles) South and South-East of Toronto, between the two twin city Niagara Falls (Ontario), Niagara Falls (New York).

53 Horseshoe Falls height meters while American falls between 20-30 height meters. This is due to large rocks in its bed. The width of the waterfall near Horseshoe Falls and the American 320 790 bandwidth meter. The section between the furthest distance altogether to the furthest section of the Canadian-American waterfall 1039 meters.

The volume of water flowed in the watery season can be up to 5700 m3/s also. The intensity of the water flow with the water level on Lake Erie and the direct ratio this value is usually at the end of spring and the beginning of summer is at its peak.  during the summer of 2800 m3/s, the water from the waterfall that flowed close to 90 percent of that water is Horseshoe Falls, this waterfall with the help of a removable spillway towards power generation devices. The intensity of the high water of this waterfall at night and in winter the less that the number of tourists, to the reduced half and 1400 m3/s. Of the 1950 Niagara treaty based, the amount of water that the Niagara is managed by the International Association of management supervision of Niagara (International Niagara Board of Control) or (IJC).

Green product falls water dissolving nearly 60 tons of very fine on the minutes and salt in water is caused by the force of Niagara River erosion. The rate of erosion in the area closes to 30 cm per year, which is of course in the period to an average of 91 cm in years. Estimates are that up to 50000 thousand years even if with the same rates be continued erosion has been reduced, the remaining 32 km to Lake Erie lost and other traces remain of the waterfall.

Because of the visibility Niagara falls to 10000 years ago and pitted the Wisconsin ice age the same force that the North American Great Lakes and the Niagara River emerged. All these natural phenomena caused an ice age formed in this period, with some warming carving, deep rivers and lakes have also emerged with retractable ice resulting from waste (such as sediment and cliffs carved) water the rest of the way and the water is collected in the area. Some scientists think that is likely in the area, the location of the Canal there is a valley with sediment and cliffs carved in ice, in the same period.

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