The love of a child



A new child has been born baby humans and animals. The son of a man who just has been borne, generally in hours, days or weeks of the first baby. [Needs source] in medicine, according to the baby’s infancy in the first 28 days of life (from birth up to 4 weeks after birth, less than a month old). The word “newborn” includes premature infants, babies (from 1 up to 9 months of weekly) and full of the fresh baby gets born. Baby new words, “speak,” and “new birth” taken “means” new birth “means to have been born.

Children’s growth and education is very mysterious and complicated so that experts and professionals of the year is a year to study the expression in the field of time. Children have many exclusive and common behaviors. We cannot guess their future. They constantly change. But sometimes they have interesting throughout the great Adam could not be found.
In this article, some of the things that maybe you don’t have to know or believe that we have mentioned noticing this little simple are very lovely!
1. babies can also cheat
Is eating, sleeping, toilet, crying and. .. All things that new-born babies are doing! Lenovo. It is quite interesting to know this little miss something that you think not understand them very well and you can fool too.
Did you ever imagine your little babies just suck and long sleep? No, it’s not. The babies after the first two or three weeks can make your head over your breast lift. Contrary to the impression that they have no control over their members, they can be some involuntary action as well. For example, if your finger in her mouth and put the vacuum cleaner with the power of your finger down. If you are on the side of his head or joins. If he so keeps that his legs touched the ground, his legs shook. This involuntary acts to help the growth of the child and the parent are also causing the entertainment.
Other interesting items that you can try is to bring out the language for your baby. If you are not very tired or hungry your puppy, he is also speaking out for you.

The love of a child
The love of a child

2. children more than what you imagine, you understand.
Although the babies are sleeping more cases but the research shows they are more than what’s supposed to be, you understand. For example, the birth of a baby can be the beginning of their mother’s voice. This means that they are inside the womb of the mother’s voice when you can and after birth will also remember it. Or a simpler language, they long ago of the birth mother’s ear the conversations.
Babies are also good smells from bad diagnosis and can taste bitter and the sweet of the time to clean up.
It is interesting to know the babies face mankind so well understand it to watch the dolls and other items. The babies are well aware of the differences of the human doll. Or in some cases can recognize them as humans and convergence with the people.
The first few days of the same birth infants start doing physical reactions. This indicates they are the inner hypothesis will interact with others. This is the first step for the baby is to understand if your face is the same and therefore try to do things that you do to imitate.
This is all the more interesting research have proven the babies from the first days, looking to explore the world around her. For example, children in the first few months of the same mobile phones that can play with them more than the interest or that can not be something to do with it than the show itself.

Children can the relationship between what they are doing and what happened in the world around them can happen as well to understand and enjoy the sense of experiencing this as well. Perhaps this little lovely for your little scientists are the ones who make them should not be underestimated

3. children to move in different ways
Children to different methods at different times. But this action can not be guessed before. Some of his moves with the kick start tumbling, then sit and then fours; various objects move, and at the end the way the process is run. But this does not amount to all children. Every child has its own methods
About 10 percent of children without being fours, start walking. This is a question of no fear and worry.
Just on the contrary, some other kids to the horizontal walk many show interests on the one hand and on the other side of the room to eat and tumbling while their children the same age who fours. Some sitting. These are not issues that you can specify it or guess.
But if the child after 18 months is sure to walk did not share with your doctor

The love of a child
The love of a child

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