The largest children’s imaging errors


The largest children’s imaging errors


The most important mistakes more imaging of children is that it can be brought toall those in this summary: “guys, please, sit there, look here and smile!


The largest children’s imaging errors
If you have lots of photos taken of the children have found a couple of wrong view that parents or even professional photographers are committed to it. These mistakescan make photos pretty weak and the spirit and the necessary energy and liveliness.


Mistake number one: ask the children to stay motionless
All the kids wearing pretty clothes for a photo shoot and are excited, but just don’t know what will happen, so it’s the same thing they always do: they started the orouan var running and playing.
Then the individual photographer and parents are trying to gather the kids togetherand they want to sit without moving at once and to look at the individual photographer. The work you’ve done? This work is contrary to all the natural instinct of the childwhich are very excited and yet now it can be said that without the move. Doing this is impossible!


The solution, let the kids play and run a mile.
Astrophotography errors
All children love to run and play. This is a normal part of a child’s life, then why not allow them to do their normal work that? A series of the best photos that are taken from children, has been that they are playing in the park or the beach. You can even do this to become a game and ask each of them to Chase or one of the parents will have to make sure that kids will follow.
When running the game and allow the children to be given, the two happens:
All children have gathered a lot of energy that should be free, full use of the opportunities it valan have gained. It is fun to work and makes a happy and lively. This is what you want for yourself.
Parents and children can show their face natural modes, and it’s better than the artificial smiles and modes.


Astrophotography errors
Note: the status of Sport (sports) imaging. From very low shutter speed such as 1000.1, 2000.1 or 4000.1/s, and auto-focus. When the children run to the side of you, use a shutter speed is pretty fast and the auto focus, makes you all move and capture your subject in focus.


Mistake number two: that of those you want to smile.
This is a very big mistake. Very little happens that parents took their children out of the picture, which does not throw smile. You’re early, kids, smile 
Yes in this situation, it may be a smile, but it is an artificial smile. Who wants their child to that of an artificial smile Imaging?


Solution: get in.
Astrophotography errors
Do the pans are your child to see a circus clown to a slave? A very funny clown, that children‘s laughter. So find yourself a clown and children taking pictures. These are natural laughter.
So it is necessary that you (the photographer) to become a clown.
How can do this? When they met for the first time with the kids, sitting in front of it while you blast out loud with excitement and introduce yourself. From the beginning of the scene. Then when you’re taking pictures of the children, prsrosada and funny and funny things like rotate the eyes and do not eat or stumbling of guys want you btersannd! Things like a clown nose to your mobile in mind that kids have fun.


Download picture of children errors
Of course, rather than play the role of the clown yourself, you can use one of the kid’s parents or acquaintances ask that clown. The time that you want to download photos from the face of the baby (later it permissions that child bdood and empty allyour energy) can use one of the parents want to stand behind you and smiley does an impersonation. This always makes the children laugh and smile. This works for parents is also very interesting and funny.


Mistake number three: hunker
Whether you come for the Pan that has a stand and top of your head to give you? This is what it feels like to you? The feeling of being small, unimportant? When a person from the top of the photograph as well as children the same feeling to the children. They feel threatened, and this work is not attractive for children.
There is nothing interesting about the photo that was taken from the top of children does not exist.


Solution: let down
Download picture of children errors
If you want to download photos of the children, is so good that at the time of meeting with it, come down and introduced himself to them. Try with a sound eager to communicate with children. Because of this will be that the children know you are by it.
Better imaging time that Hercules and its level, or even lie down on the ground completely to a different angle for the photograph in hand. Parents love this photo, because it is never their children from this low angle in the photos have never seen before, and children also feel threatened, so quiet and you can be mobile.

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