The ladies for the beauty of their skin to do these things




For the health and beauty of your skin, you must make this list to do the last command.
The consumption of fruit and vegetables have doubled.


The ladies for the beauty of their skin to do these things

Taking the size of the fruit and vegetables for the health of the body is essential. Research shows those who are colored with pigment fruits and vegetables eat a lot of health and have more charm (really!). Dr. Elissa Zaid, nutritionist and author of the book (Younger Next Week) says: “fruit and vegetable that contains (a kind of vitamin a) are (for example, carrots, red peppers, courgettes), yellow, red and orange tonage of the skin.”

According to a study in the American journal is published in specialized nutrition: people who consume too much vitamin C special, fewer wrinkles, and dry skin and cracked skin (due to the nutrients to increase collagen). Experts recommend 4.5 cups per day of fruits and vegetables while the average intake of women just about 2.5 cups.


The ladies for the beauty of their skin to do these things


Just wash your face twice a day
According to Amy, Emmy Graber Graber skin diseases and skin in the Boston University Assistant Professor Department of medicine, most ladies daily 4 or 5 times your face washed, but studies show twice a day is desirable. Wash your skin causes more fat to lose its natural. Graber says some peeling particles found in the scrub can cause microscopic abrasions on the skin. Can be harmful to us microbid (most recently specified that increasingly pollute the ocean and Great Lakes, and may be the level of toxins in the fish that we eat boost) Graber says: “washcloth well dead cells of the body, dirt, and makeup.”

Don’t worry about the sunscreen cream around the eyes
The skin under the eyes is thin and sensitive, and when exposed to the destruction of the Sun, sunscreen creams can cause irritation of the eyes, it is best that you get a big sunglasses and glasses everywhere. Tip: Graber says 99 up 100 percent of the sunglasses should be the reflection of sunlight (if only on ultra-violet light shielding glasses is written and no percentage, probably not in pain)



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