The important facts that you should know about tooth decay




1. sugar is the main cause of decay
False, but can be somewhat authenticity. The reality is that the acid produced by the bacteria in your mouth, cause decay. However, when bacteria begin to produce acid that you consume carbohydrates that sugar is part of this food group.


The important facts that you should know about tooth decay


Rice, potatoes, bread, fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates component. When your teeth, acid eats tiny holes, bacteria to reproduce. A toothbrush and dental floss are able to clean up this small hole. The bacteria through the metabolism of carbohydrates to produce acid and tooth decay can be greater than you gone.



A very important fact: the amount of carbohydrate consumed is not tooth decay factor, but also the duration of the placement is exposed to these substances destroy your teeth. Eating a lot of carbs for lunch is an example. But if all day drinking sweet drinks, in this case, your teeth steadily exposed to the factors causing tooth decay has been unhealthy for you.

2. exposure to acidic foods like lemon causes decay in the tooth.
Properly. Acidic foods like lemon, Citrus juices or drinks bottling beverages not decay, but Nye teeth at risk. Acid can be destroyed from the trachea to the teeth and teeth make you weaker. In the case of loss of protection the trachea and reach the coast, now you are quite prone to tooth decay.



3. the likelihood of the occurrence of decay in children compared to adults.
The water contains fluoride and preventive care, the rate of decay in American children, on 20 years, half the previous value.
However, in the elderly citizens, increase in the amount of decay. Cause: these people have special circumstances. Some oral medicines and dry environment and reduce the amount of saliva. The saliva to tackle tooth decay is vital because we have to neutralize the acid and help its an antiseptic quality of the update which gives the bacteria destroyed and hang food in between the teeth.


The important facts that you should know about tooth decay


4. put aspirin on the side of the teeth, dental pain relief can help.
Incorrectly. Eat aspirin pills is something that helps ease the pain of teeth. Since this pill is acidic State, placing it next to the teeth and gums burned tissue can cause abscesses. Do this to fear God and always eat aspirin tablets.

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