This article is for those who seek beauty in perfect health. If you like the cosmetics hundred percent natural and safe to use, do not miss it because you how to prepare cosmetics such as moisturizer creams, masks, shampoos, deodorants and familiar. You can spend less money on your own and get home safe and cosmetics. So easily and so beautifully!

Deodorant without paraben

According to multiple studies, some harmful traditional deodorants! In fact parabens in their performance stirred estrogen and breast cancer risk increases. but do not worry!Stone alum is the surest way to combat body odor. These stones are the bacteria that cause odor, fights and without blocking the pores from excessive sweating constitute avoid. To do this alum wet stones on your skin clean and dry and be sure that it will be effective.

Lotion moisturizer

To prepare the lotion to 3 tablespoons of borage need. This is the method of its preparation for a liter of hot water and pour the borage. Cover the pan and let a few minutes. Solution from the strainer and allow to cool. Lotion you have provided inside a glass container and pour gated Apply morning and evening to the body and face. This lotion a week storage period and in the glass container in the refrigerator is closed.

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Skin cleansing

The cheerful face pack is enough for a handful of thyme and a handful of chamomile or sage, boil and pour into a bowl of cold water. Cover the pan and let simmer for 15 minutes on low flame. After the solution of the strainer and pour into a bowl. Now take a towel over your head and eat your face for 10 minutes.

Eye Cream

Bruising under the eyes is enough to meet on a handful of chamomile Pour a liter of hot water, cover the pan and cook for a few minutes. After the solution of the strainer and pour into a jar sealed. After you’ve cleared your makeup every night, a ball of cotton wool dipped in it and rub on bruises around the eyes. Note that the glass containing the solution inside the refrigerator and throw away the rest after a week.


To prepare homemade shampoo is enough to plant a bunch of “soapwort” prepared. A liter of hot water and pour over the plant. Cover the pan and cook for 15 minutes. After the solution percolates into the jar lid and pour and use this shampoo when bathing. If you like your hair is shiny and radiant, better than wheat or lavender flowers to use in diabetic patients. In this way, the 3 tablespoons of the plant to brew a liter of water and Rinse your hair.

Plasticizer fluid body

3 handfuls of green tea is poured into 3 liters of water and boil. Then the diabetic patients into the tub of hot water (38 ° C) for 15 to 20 minutes once a week and pour your body in this plasticizer oxide release. You will see that soft body.

Anti-cellulite cream

Cellulite refers to fat accumulation deformed in their metabolism disorder there. These fat deposits under the skin along with some poisons that this problem is more common in women. To fix this problem, a handful of plants Spera, a handful of ivy and a handful of chestnuts in cold water and pour the boiling cream. After slowly cooking in the pan and let simmer for 15 minutes. Solution from the strainer and every day on the thighs, Kplha, abdomen, arms and other body parts rub. This solution maximum storage time is 24 hours in the refrigerator.

For tanning

To be tan without worrying about your body, you need to handfuls of tea. Fill the bathtub with water of 38 ° C. Per liter, 5-fist black tea and add water to the tub for 20 minutes Bkshyd.bray long-tanning your face

5Msht black tea, pour in a quart of cold water and boil. Next, cover the pan and cook on low flame for 15 minutes to simmer. Cool the solution and once a week to tan your face use of this decoction.

To strengthen nails

To avoid brittle nails. This produced a handful of horsetail herb contains silica and for the treatment of kidney stones, urinary tract infections and exhaustion effective nail into cold water and pour the boiling Mybashd.gyah ponytail. Then the flame to low and let simmer for 15Dqyqh. Solution from the strainer and pour into a large bowl. Daily for 10 minutes to put nails into the solution.

beauty - health - make up


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