The Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands are the most beautiful islands of the world which are in the midst of the waters of the Pacific Ocean are located.


The archipelago of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, and the State of the country’s Constitution. The capital and most important city of the Honolulu. The length of the tape that the Hawaii archipelago 3300 km. The eight main islands of Oahu Hawaii Maui Kauai Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Lanai,  and Kahoolawe Niihau. The largest of the island, the island of Hawaii with a breadth of 8150 square kilometers, most of them small island Non-residential and  Kahoolawe with 125 square kilometers area. The name of the State is taken from the native language of the region, and of the “land of the gods” means Hawaii *.

The Pacific Ocean around the dream archipelago, approximately five thousand meters deep (depth). Hawaii has two volcanic mountains are mountains “and” manoua loa ” Kiluea  ASP» active volcano fire rated. One of the wonders of the Bluff Islands this horror is very loud in the northeast of the island of Molokai is that despite a thousand and hundred and fifty meters in height from the surface of the ocean, one of the world’s greatest bluff.




This may be the most beautiful islands of the world Islands. In addition to the very reasonable and temperate weather, recreational facilities these islands attract tourists and travelers quite a lot over the years. Of recreational facilities and entertainment of these islands is very Ideal for fun and relaxation can be trace of surfing, beautiful parks, golf and tennis ground, very dreamy Beach, restaurants and excellent hotels and music concerts and sporting events.



The geography of Hawaii: Hawaii Islands in the ocean around 4000 to 5000 depth. The most famous mountain of Hawaii daimand heads (Diamond Head) near (Honolulu). Some of the volcanoes in Hawaii are still there, including Kiluea and is  Manua Loa * Kiluea ASP. In the North-East of Molokai Bluff to 1150 tall m above sea level where the highest bluff * of the world.


The climate of Hawaii: Hawaii weather mild and Wet. The highest temperature of 31 ° c and down Honolulu most where the temperature is 13 ° c *. The amount of rainfall in a single day in Honolulu, sometimes breaks world records. Mount Waialeale on the island of Kauai,Waialeale with 1238 cm of rain per year from the Wetest regions of the world. The number of plants native to Hawaii and several thousand 66 unmatched bird species in Hawaii has been identified. Before humans to find Hawaii Islands in the presence of any mammal.


The population of the Islands: suspect on is that the folks who went to Hawaii a thousand years ago, from the Marquesas in the four thousand kilometers south-west of that migration. Of course, the great wave of immigration to Hawaii about 500 or 600 years ago by Polly  . In the late 18 century that Europeans had discovered Hawaii. Hawaii’s population at that time was about 300 thousand.


The first European was Captain James Cook in Hawaii 1778 and it was called the Sandwich Islands. From the year 1930 1852 40000 farms owners to agricultural workers who were more Asia to Hawaii. In the year 1900 the natives less than 15 percent Asian and the rest of the population * are formed. Now close to 40 percent of the population of the State’s whites or the white Prince. In 1988, the population of the State to have a million and one hundred thousand people. As a result, the annual average of the Hawaii population growth percentage population growth is much higher in the United States.


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, which is located next to the ocean. Rated the temperate tropical air that the view of many people in the world is an ideal weather. Fantastic facilities such as cultural and recreational Golf and tennis pitches, beautiful parks, surfing sites, Dell beaches Nawaz, bars, restaurants, sports and music events, display halls on the island is easily accessible. The island has a very natural that people conduct their sense of noazanh guests to the region tourists chunky.

The hotel can be found in Hawaii finds that for every night stay, $ 30 the quest. But usually, the regular price per night to stay in the range of 75 to 100 dollars. Places there are a lot more expensive that the price for each night of their stay from $ 175 and depending on where you are. It can be used in places where fewer tourists attracted to the room with a double bed each night with a $ 60 per rental.

Since the food in these islands is usually at the cost of imported food from the main points of the United States is a little more expensive. You can choose from a variety of precious stones with 7-12 dollars. The choices include local lunch, Mexican cuisine, a variety of sandwiches and things like this. In oaho can be the bout with the price of the meal between 5-10 USD. Fast foods like McDonald’s to $ 6 per-meal cost (unless you add something to your list). As well as chain restaurants like Applebee’s for every meal between 10 to 15 dollars from you crave. However, more formal restaurants for only $ 20 entry fee you will crave. Also, a lot of food in the buffet around the island are there to have a meal with a price of 25 dollars to offer tourists.

Transportation fee

The best way to travel around the island car rental. Rent of a reprisal by a small vehicle around 70 dollars. The fare paid for the Jeep should expect 100 to $ 130 per day. The taxi fare from $ 3 starts per mile (1.6 km) of us $ 3.20 you crave.

Diving fee along with the tools needed for each person is about 100 to us $ 125. Swimming and surfing boards also for $ 25 for half of the day, you can rent. As well as sailing and fun snorkeling with 70 up to $ 150 per half day or sunset are accessible. The cost of the helicopter tours limited the occupation also in the $ 150 to 250 e swing. In addition to the big island in which you can create with approximately $ 100 and the zip line above the exciting entertainment fun.

Travel in the solitude chapter

Travel during the season that the tourists are under a little bit of the Islands (mid-April to mid-June or mid-September to mid-December) will undoubtedly cause significant savings in the cost of a stay in Hawaii.

The use of food discounts

Called on stores like Cost-U-Less (in the big island and Kauai), Don Quijote (oahu) and Save Big (Kauai) that their goods priced to sell excellent places to purchase food items are needed and can make your shredder cost saving.

Find the option called online

Can social sites such as Groupon ” “and” Social Living “eaten good discount options. Also at the airport, printed brochures and the offices of the local Tourism to offer you a good price cheap tours that they can get used to.

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