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A team of researchers in Sweden have a small electric car that can be exciting display of this technology is applied.

According to October, this new product is offered in Sweden Uniti knowledge-based companies and to the technical characteristics and unique structure that has been considered by industry experts.

Company officials have announced that by the end of next year, the first of the small electric vehicle as a modular design to offer the world.

The car weighs only 400 kg and having a small engine with 20 horsepower, the choice seems appropriate for use within the city.

The company’s product Sweden to 90 mph and a top speed of 150 km per battery charge moves to the sense of well-known companies such as Renault overtake similar vehicles in this process.

The use of sustainable materials in the construction of this car Other features of this new technology is considered. That’s why this car can be considered one of ecofriendly technologies.

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