The feed to strengthen and grow hair faster




Do you know eating substances such as red meat, broccoli, and sweet potatoes can ensure the health of your hair? Strengthen and maintain hair health, including issues that a lot of attention has been attracted to the man.

Iran is cute but suggests that what hair plays an important role in maintaining the appearance and beauty of the various entities. One the most important pillars in the field maintain hair health is feeding people. In this article we’re going to provide you with a number of familiar foods is beneficial for hair.


The feed to strengthen and grow hair faster

Red meat
One of the reasons people risk to alopecia and hair loss is iron deficiency. Based on the fields in a research center in California, the United States has specified that especially women with reducing hair growth or hair loss generally suffer from iron deficiency. So to deal with hair loss and alopecia, try eating substances such as red meat or eggs of iron needed for your body.


Eggs are rich in vitamins “b-7”. This vitamin helps your hair to grow, and in the case of shortage of it, your hair becomes brittle. This vitamin in addition to peanuts, eggs, and low-fat cheeses, salmon is also available.


This delicious fruit is lovely and has a mineral called “silica” is to boost and increase the diameter of your hair. At the same time, this mineral to withstand more of your hair also helps.
Vegetables with dark green
Pickled vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are including food that carries large amounts of vitamins c and a. These vitamins help the body fat in particular free hair that serves as a natural conditioner.


Sweet potatoes
This food contains a nutrient “beta – carotene” that is in the human body converts to vitamin a, and rough hair and also helps prevent skin drying. The other foods that carry this article are carrot and Zucchini can be noted.
Foods such as lentils, beans, and peas contain quite a lot of protein and iron values that are in the role of maintaining the health of the hair and the health impact of an important and very high.


The feed to strengthen and grow hair faster

Fish such as salmon and sardines are a very reasonable source of fatty acids “Omega-3”. This is a useful update of the fat dry scalp and dry hair also will prevent you. Nuts are also a good source of Omega-3 to support the body.
Helpful fat
No one who does not like my hair dry. To eliminate dry skin we recommend you to use vegetable oils such as olive oil and useful or sunflower oil. You can get your hair with a spoonful of this massage oil to get the necessary clarity and elegance.

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