The famous basketball player (kobe Bryant)

Colby Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the third and smallest child of Joe Bryant, the basketball players and the Philadelphia 76ers team away years of team-mates separex, Los Angeles. Joe Bryant continued his activities as a professional Basketball-with his family went to Italy and during this time to tattoo two languages was fluent in Italian and Spanish. Tattoo each summer to the United States on return to summer League basketball. He played three years of basketball-and the length of time that will live in Italy, football is on. He said that if in Italy, be sure to become a football player-. AC Milan team to the tattoo and Barcelona has a lot of interest. Her favorite football coach Frank Rickard and his Ronaldinho favorite footballer. Tattoo with her family to the U.S. in 1991, return.

The era of high school


Bryant high school team in tattoo lever shine meian, in Philadelphia, he was recognized in the United States. The second-year coach he and his father, Kobe Bryant. The Adidas camp tattoo on the side of his future teammates namely Lamar Odom played and winer Award for best player of the camp in 1995. He had a career-high school during their awards with a lot of high school competition among the best players, and the Mac Donalds All American Award. The average tattoo for progression to the best u.s. University was right-but he is, decided that the Professional League-join an NBA.

Colby Bryant Charlotte Hornets team this year, but immediately joined the team in time to coach Los Angeles Lakers Jerry West he instead its powerful defender i.e. Waleed deivech team Los Angeles Lakers.

The first tattoo in early so could not be taken to the game but with the passage of time, he has to first team Los Angeles Lakers found a way and most young players as the NBA was introduced (later his teammates Andrew باینُم this record.).  in 1997 with the Slam Dunk championship win, a lot of fans. He’s with the loss of sensitive positions in important games, with the failure of the season completed a stylish tattoo time, teammates, but O’Neal from his stylish about this support;-said: “tattoo is the only one that had dared to throw the ball in critical situations.”

The second season began for a better tattoo. He was taken to work more this season and with Shine, to find the way of the team. Thus the name of the tattoo as the youngest player on the team in the history of the NBA.

Colby Bryant in the third season in all games of the Los Angeles Lakers team was present. The hands of the team that played the classic Enduro he was very satisfied, with the contractual value of 70 million dollars to Colby for six years to be signed. How the game was controversial because it advances to the tattoo game because of the great Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson had a lot of similarities. Tattoo team Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Championship semi-final but the team found a way at the battle of San Antonio per team was defeated.

With the new head coach of the T e r f l, Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers team was changing. Colby Bryant and O’Neal stylish couples had formed an unacceptable and therefore make a championship team Los Angeles Lakers in three consecutive years, namely the year of 2000, 2001 and 2002-.

Tattoo season 1999-2000 with the injury. He is one of the games of the season before (preparedness), against the Washington Wizards, the team suffered a head injury was District

and why, six months away from the service, but it was his return to the Los Angeles Lakers team hand-woven and new record 67 take on an NBA record. This season, NBA players O’Neal stylish best.

Private life


Colby Bryant first Vanessa lane in 1999, when he was 21. Colby musics to complete the album (which was never marketed) was a building in which Vanessa, 17-year-olds are dancing to a music video. They were nominated in May 2000. Because Vanessa is still in high school, the school-to-media group under a magnifying glass, studying in high schools to drop their house and education

. They were married in 2001. Parents and his sister, his tattoo at weddings he had company.

Dlabl not for the parent company’s tattoo on her marriage ceremony, the low age of marriage for African-American and not his wife. Tattoo for two years and his relationship with his parents cut off.

The first-the tattoo and Vanessa, Natalia dayamint Bryant, was born on 19 January 2003. His coming into the world, excuses-for reconciliation off the tattoo and his parents. jiana Maria-short,–the second tattoo and Vanessa in 2006 first, six minutes earlier than-stylish O’Neill, Senate mara, was born.


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