the exercise to increase the height


the exercise to increase the height
This guide is suitable for the following groups:

– Growth in teens who are of age.
– Parents who worry about their children’s stature.
– Orthopedic specialists and chiropractor.
– The age of the people who grow them all.


1. swim

Swimming is a sport with so much stretching, which causes gradual increase your height. However, if you want to use this method, keep in mind that you must pay to exercise this long to your desired results. Therefore it is recommended to swim for two hours daily.

Swim-Stretch your legs and feet

2. get the hang

This practice is just like its name is simple. Just several times during the week of a rod hung and their bodies down the stretch (homemade horizontal in this case are very functional). To create more of your legs can stretch parallel to the top (roof).

exercise- increase-height

3. touch your toes

Does gymnastics class learn? This exercise is one of the most well-known movements to warm up the body. If you can’t bend so much that your feet touch the toes, do not in any way upset because only you are not faced with this difficulty. As far as can be bent, but remember that this stretch should take a few seconds.


4. move the Cobra

This stretching moves completely to the spine and pulled off your body. The more you do this, the more stimulation on the muscles in the back of the case and the result of his stature will increase control. The right to do this move the growing belly first lie down, then the Palm of their hands to shoulder width and your Chin like the picture to the top position with your back arch. The Chin to the bottom of the arch, and repeat the motion again.

exercise- increase-height-kobra

5. move the pelvis

The move, which in fact is one of the main exercises to increase height, a lower part of the spine and irritate your hip muscles. To do this move just completely to the back of your hands fall asleep and in parallel in order to put your body. Your feet are together and then slowly raise your hips and about 20-30 seconds in the same hold mode. Don’t forget to make sure that this exercise in your fitness program.

Move the effective exercise to increase height

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