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The effects of drinking too much alcohol


Want to drink alcohol much earlier than the-the ANI formed so far guessed. Research results researchers say in the stone age of about nine thousand years ago, yet residents in China some sort of drink with alcohol just 10 per cent. This is a drink that in English it Mead (Mead) and Matt (Met) in German, mostly from water and honey can be true. In German, the term goes to another job which translates it “honey wine”.

The doctors without borders report site, researchers say alcohol to help human beings to live in harsh conditions more comfortable during it. For the same time Neolithic primary production of alcoholic drinks in various regions of the world, vogue.

But in the present age has proved that even its low consumption of alcohol, especially if combined with other materials, drug addiction is driving skills may damage and injury may. After 8 to 12 hours, it passes too much consumption of a headache, nausea, shakiness, and vomiting.

Its enormous consumption may cause paralysis and cerebral activities of the respiratory tract and result in death. Generally, these effects if consumed along with calm sections and other drugs weaken the producer, the intensification. High consumption of anti-depression drugs along with it including time historic often may cause the death of, the person. Regular and continuous intake of soft drinks at least 4 times in a day of may in the long term and liver damage caused gaining, brain, heart, and other members of the body.

Continuous use of alcoholic beverages pursuant to say rose of the liver, bile, and pankarit disorders of gastrointestinal discomfort, when stomach ulcers and gastritis, duodenal and some cancers in the digestive tract.

Nghshahay of failure apply neural device including anesthesia, motor and sensory perception, emotional invoked and finally the loss of memory and forgotten, in addition to greater vision in people addicted to alcohol can be seen. The most common disorder of the nervous system in chronic corneal injury, Alcoholism and eye nerves. Injuries to the brain and heart tissues of the brain lesions of discomfort, including arrhythmia and tachycardia symptoms of substance abuse. Alcohol, coronary blood vessels to the heart.

This article shall be liable to the weakness of men’s sexual and reproductive power them. Chronic consumption of alcoholic and alcohol cause high anxiety,  spicy anal stimulation, delirium, trans v and central nervous system are the portion. Of time after the social and family life, a job generally applies anti-social and personality dimensions of deterioration as a result of alcoholic consumption there continue.

Alcohol addiction is one of the medicines, ethanol may be considered that a sedative substance as for its lighthearted consumption properties. The increase in the value of its consumption in order to create the desired effect may cause physical dependence and tolerance. Chronic users or people addicted to it it is possible to drink liquor without a fixed value that is drunk, in this case, it is likely that a type of physical and psychological dependency on alcohol, there comes that they stop taking it, to leave signs for high impact stimulation, convulsion, delirium trans, irritability or anesthetic anal scenarios, bad insomnia, anorexia, sweating and vomiting appearance.

In advanced countries, alcohol is a common cause of the accident because the neural response time reduction. the use of too much alcohol can damage the liver and create hepatitis Alcoholism liver disease or create a fatty.

A fatty liver cirrhosis can be converted liver cirrhosis of the liver disease and is the final stage in which the liver loses its function.

Alcohol, esophageal cancers catching risk, throat, larynx, mouth and breast increase. Drinking alcohol can damage the lining of the stomach and intestines thin cells and this can damage the body’s ability in affect food absorption.

Alcohol can affect the ability of human sex and put it. Pregnant women should not drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause the embryo to Alcoholism with such a syndrome.

Use more than the size of the alcohol in addition to the creation of man to the deficiency of vitamin b-1 (thiamine), causing irreversible brain damage.

Use of alcohol in people. one of the problems is that these people are smokers, the concomitant use of cigarettes and alcohol cause being multiplied the risk of esophageal partial.

Some medical sources believe that the continued use of alcohol for the human cardiovascular system is useful, but this issue has not been completely fixed and if we want it and harms of useless compared benefits will still not clear over another excels.

Doctors recommend that if this is by knowing all the damage caused by alcohol, you decide to eat you, and  don’t drink it with your  and indulgence of alcohol poisoned . in terms of the amount, you must not be more than a cherry on a daily consumption of alcohol of any kind.

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