The effective way for having chubby and not pink





Women who like to have a full face and obesity. for species of fill and face and not younger, and because of that many people face and lean species are always looking for the MKO seem chaghatr.

You can use a simple and gentle sports, causing the blood flowing in your skin and facial drkhshanter and Porter. This is in fact a dud no fat or skin could not be produced in the event of a surplus, but do these exercises daily will cause more lean and species not to comment.

The effective way for having chubby and not pink

With a flat back and sit down on a Chair. Shoulder bones thrown down and generally relax your shoulders, you should not face any stress on the shoulders and contractile exist, so where can the tension and contraction in this area of the body. The chest should be wide open, and out to the side.

Very quiet and gentle your mouth. Imagine that you are speaking with the voice of calm to moderate with a person in mghabltan. Open the your mouth part, which is usually when talking in such circumstances to work. At this point, you should also lower the upper lips both to the inside and pull the front teeth that are somewhat more rarely.


Simultaneously, you must make the mouth towards the back corners down, however, as far as possible to the corners of the mouth of teeth near Asia. Both corners of the mouth must be pulled back to the side so that both the same in one direction and the vertical level in a similar case.

In this move, the Chin must be very quiet to the side move forward. the case for 30 seconds in this situation. In this practice, you must have a sense that the muscles of the cheeks and mouth are drawn. After 30 seconds, slowly release the face to return to the normal resting condition.

Slowly and a small tweak to the amenity of the upper and lower cheekbone. A small tweak this species does not chaghatr, but this exercise can be naturally clear and bright appearance to the skin and cause the cheeks appear brighter. Brighter and more brilliant species always Porter also appear.

The effective way for having chubby and not pink

After each bath or washing the face of moisturizing lotions or creams on the cheeks. Let these creams on the face is dry as much as possible the use of emollient cream. These creams are specially formulated so that makes skin softening,

So moist and the skin any harm in the skin or shell can treat. bath even if you sbahha, is so good that night before bed a lot of moisturizer to the face and body rubbed and then sleep. a cup (250 ccs)


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