Travel, the man tried to / from the drive sorrow and pain,

The world of evil and good Bnmaydsh / day treasure of knowledge Byfzaydsh
The definition of travel

A culture of “travel” have offered a similar definition. In certain cultures, states: Travel, literally means getting out of your city and go to another place, and the way would be to cut the distance from one place to round goes through, come. Arab culture trip “unveiling and the curtain” define, veils, which are usually made of Lords and foreign objects. Raghib Isfahani writes: “Travel Almamh as head, and Alkhmar as Maxillofacial,” the turban from his head, and the mask from the face, pushed aside.

The “Journey” (to deduct Sin) means that the book is that journeys. The definition of a lexical and culture aside, what makes us closer to the goal, the nature of the trip in terms of moralists and training. The late Faiz Kashani, the largest Shiite scholars and experts in ethics in their important work Almhjh al-Bayda, travel to these praises:

Through travel, man what they fear, be released and what tends to be achieved.

This travel is important that Fayz Kashani referred to the deceased. Accordingly, Bazgyrndh and the trip is:
Panic and anxiety are open to the traveler takes its place, puts popular and desired of him. Travel to man learns how rough and unpleasant things to avoid and what the source of perfection and pleased to replace.

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