The cost of a trip to Dubai?



The cost of a trip to Dubai?


The cost of travel to Dubai


Our skyscrapers, shopping malls and nightlife is unsurpassed luxury Dubai much of travel lovers eager to travel to this country, a trip that effects and new surprises to show you the way to experience a new color. Most of us would like a quick overview before traveling toward the cost of that in that town, it dont have to see it with the amount of capital and the compact polman journey comes in or not. Today we want to travel to Dubai to check costs, we


The cost of the trip must be so برایید the cost of hotel accommodation, the cost of transportation, the cost of food and feed and the cost and see the attractions and amusements that about each of them, we explain:
The cost of accommodation and hotels
Dubai tourist cities of the world and that makes most tourists in different hotels in various locations to be built, ranging from 1 star hotels Luxury hotels 5 stars, you canaccording to the value that is going to cost you your preferred hotel accommodations to choose from. The cost of the hotel 5 stars deluxe arguably too high and those who want to have an affordable journey should be around it, kill line! For these people, the three-star hotel at the same time while the price is good and the facilities are far less acceptable is that you could be satisfied. Needless to say that whatever the hotel to the city center and the famous closer is ambitious, more expensive and more distance from the hotels that are ambitious, have spectacular price less expensive hotels that cost should be the choice of travelling by taxi in this town too. Below are the average cost of a one-night stay in a different hotel, we say:
The cost of the hotel 5 stars: approximately 900 thousand USD
The cost of the hotel 4 stars: approximately 500 thousand USD
The cost of the hotel 3 stars: approximately 300 thousand USD
The cost of hotel 2 stars: approximately 250 thousand USD
The cost of the hotel 1 stars: approximately 230 thousand USD
Hastel: approximately 100 thousand USD
The cost of accommodation and hotels
Shipping cost
The city of the Sun of Dubai is certainly a good public transport system. Generally, travelling in this city with Metro, bus, taxibus, boat and water Rails menu which cost of rent each below, we say:
Taxi: the cost of entry to the Dubai taxi is Rs 10 thousand km 2 each and scrambled (RS 1700) will be added to it.
Bus: bus fare costs around 2 AED (RS 1700) is that it’s usually paid with credit cards.
Menu menu: Rails Rails Palm Jumeirah island just on the path up to the Marina can be moved and the entire routing is that it’s only two station in about 5 minutes. If you want just to one side of the menu, use the Rails it costs AED 1500 (RS 1300) and for two-way route 25 dirhams (2100 dollars).
The blue buses: blue bus 5 route. The blue bus fare cost mogadasi route up to 4, 2 dirhams (RS 1700) and route 5, 50 dirhams (43 dollars).
Boat: boat rental for 1 Dirham (RS 800) should be the cost of the fare and drbest for each hour the tangled 100 (about 90,000 dollar) cost.
Shipping cost
The cost of food and feed and
Be sure had about some of the different restaurants, luxury and exotic Dubai Dubai,you have heard not only from this specific restaurant typical restaurants is that the cost of each meal on each one below, we say:
The cost of food in the restaurant is expensive: the top of the tangled 300 (250 haznar RS)
Average cost of food at the restaurant: 150 dirhams (130 dollars)
The cost of food at cheap restaurants: 30 dirhams (27 dollars)
Fast food restaurant: approximately 25 dirhams (22 dollars)
Food and feed
See the cost of amusements and attractions
A particular attraction of the Dubai and anyone tempted to run to the high cost of entry to the United States and it does in this case seeing hits of this attraction can beone of the most costly parts of the spending account on sfortan dsttan. But the good news is that some Dubai attractions like Dubai and Dubai Mall fountain‘ve can seefree of charge. Below the cost of some attractions and nightlife of Dubai will say:
Water Park dreamland: hazar 140 RS
The Safari costs: approximately 170 thousand USD
Wild Wadi Water Park cost: 200 dollars

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