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The correct and wrong information about exercise







The ropes gets much handling damage knees
Is wrong. Although the rope hitting a popup with high force and exercise on behalf of the lower extremity on the ground, but in the event that the person’s damaged knee joint diseases such as arthritis or previous, it did not cause harm to a healthy knee. Even compared to running that part of it, the weight can be imposed on a limb, a rope hitting the weight evenly distributed on both feet, and therefore less pressure to the knee joints.


The correct and wrong information about exercise

Of course, to have a complete health and safety have to wear sneakers kick off that rope good especially in the insole foot claws. Usually, the shoes have insoles are flexible, convenient pop-up for this exercise. As well as on the stone and mosaic, not rope, because of a lot of pressure to the legs and joints. The best levels for the rope hitting the ground or on wooden mats for sport and if you don’t have access to these levels, on the floor. In addition, you must keep bent knees a bit

Should they exercise in diabetic patients
Is wrong. One of the benefits of exercise, help to maintain the balance of the amount of blood sugar, so diabetic individuals in the form of exercise along with the diet for weight loss, does not need to be a drastic reduction of calorie. The only thing you should realize that it was a different sport, different influences on the amount of blood sugar.

Aerobic exercise such as jogging or treadmill your fasting blood sugar value immediately decreased. While the prolonged power sports, on your blood sugar within a few hours after exercising influence. This topic can be troublesome when driving. This is one of the reasons that before driving should be sure to measure your glucose value. Along with having a food such as fruit, biscuits, juices or soft drinks in the car.



Stationary bikes are more typical of the bike to the knees pressing enter
Is wrong. Sports that side force during conducting them vertically and periodically to the articular cartilage of the knee can be imported, including gentle walking and jogging or exercising with the device such as stationary bikes, improves nutrition, and the prevention of the destruction of the articular cartilage. Of course, in cases of severe knee pain, bike saddle height should be adjusted to the pressure on the knee joint and the pain to a minimum and in principle, it is better to place the bike ride, walk or swim.

In many cases the use of stationary bikes more recommended, especially people who have high weight, pregnant women, people who have foot proprioception problems or walk them to some kind of problem. Osteoporosis sufferers or those who have vision problems or balance, are also better to use stationary bikes, because due to the problems that may be moving their balance on the bike and suffered a fracture and lose physical damage. While the greater stability of the stationary bike and balance to maintain them.



Aerobic exercise alone are enough for weight loss
Is wrong. To burn one kilogram of fat to 9000 calories equivalent physical activity requires that this activity equals 25 hours of hiking. Despite the beneficial effects of exercise, the evidence shows that the amount of calorie intake, the important role of energy in determining body weight. But in the meantime, if you increase your physical activity, increases your appetite and eating more food, energy spent to compensate, so with or without increasing physical activity, weight loss calorie control primary key or maintain proper weight.


The correct and wrong information about exercise



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