The child should not be habit in the parent’s bedroom when sleeping




The child should not be in the parent’s bedroom when sleeping habit that is, in fact, does not feel safe in your room.
Iran University of medical sciences, Associate Professor of law shooshtari, pointing to the effects and results of the child’s bedroom detach from the parent added: we note that the cultural dimension should be so important, are more mothers than 6 months and 8 months of the child’s bedroom, and this will help the kid to an environment that is not available to parents habits sleep and it accepts environment but often parents do this Do not, and thus after the children towards the understanding of the environment and is practically up to two faces a lot of resistance but the baby will not have a separate room.

The child should not be habit in the parent’s bedroom when sleeping



He continued by stating that the parents should be reiterated in the kid’s bedroom: If parents can not only make children child bed between themselves over marinade recipe is at least another option next to the mother and baby room possible separation from parents is not the parents with their children, they are in the room until the child is accustomed to the parental bedroom because this habit is more difficult that is, the child does not feel safe in their room and the kid For a long time with parents and more dependent on time and it felt to him that all the issues parents should manage even needs that may have need night anyway later in your life when you go to a place and away from parents is virtually all hard and in fact as a dependent in society people known to be and may fear Out of the dark, fear of solitude in which to be tougher and to make it a habit that always opens the eyes to see and feel only one beside him being waived and the opportunity to do this to children.





Iran University of medical sciences Associate Professor noted: parents who are very sensitive to this special place for the child to them, some of these parents in front of the kids about sex do not show anything but it stressed that it should be in your room or allowed to enter the room herself, and this very curious child and because now guys, unfortunately, part of the information may be Different media such as satellite information to businesses looking for sex that’s why it’s the relationships between their parents and this makes the sense of fear and uncertainty in the child because the kids a sense of reality to their mother and their mother are aggressive

The child should not be habit  in the parent's bedroom when sleeping
The child should not be habit in the parent’s bedroom when sleeping



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