The car model is great for transportation, and the house is considered very comfortable on the journey.

If you’re a fan of ecotourism and nature from time to time to visit with your own car, make sure you meet the challenges of transport and handling equipment and travel are presented. But it seems Sangyang not in the form of a huge car convoy, but in the form of a personal Mignon has solved this problem for ecotourism.

According to Asr-e Iran, citing the “ironing”, Ssangyong recently a car with the name “Kemper tourists Turismo” cars in the range of tourist and resort offers a range of equipment needed to respond revolving nature.

 اخباراقتصادی,خبرهای اقتصادی, خودرویی با امکانات یک خانه

The vehicle that fits in the structure of personal Mynyvnhay, 5 meters long and has a wheelbase of 3 meters. These figures are little more than a car and vehicle standards, and of course Sangyang price for this car in the UK receives 37 thousand and $ 287.

 اخباراقتصادی,خبرهای اقتصادی, خودرویی با امکانات یک خانه

It is currently the largest car in its class tourist Sangyang is on the market and in normal adults for 7 seats. It is also a good space for cargo and equipment. But the interesting thing about this car into a “Kmprvan” two-seater is ideal.

 اخباراقتصادی,خبرهای اقتصادی, خودرویی با امکانات یک خانه

Director representing Sangyang in the UK said the model car extremely easy to transport and house to count on a visit. The car’s equipment can be used to clean water tanks and water consumption, fridge 25 liter, gasoline tanks, 12 volt charging system, rear air vents, removable glass side sections and folding seats that convert into 2 beds are named.

 اخباراقتصادی,خبرهای اقتصادی, خودرویی با امکانات یک خانه

The car uses a 2.2-liter diesel with 400 Nm of torque and 175 hp power benefits. 6-speed manual transmission as well as a car or a 7-speed automatic model developed by Mercedes-Benz to be equipped. This tourist model in standard mode for 2-wheel drive capability is built but it can also be provided for 4 Vyldrayv.

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