* Do you know what the mascara we use, whether the correct syntax to use mascara, you know? Mascara, a veneer is causing the eyelashes become more bold.

* Do you know why we use mascara? Mascara attract people is to look at your eyes.

But why is this property mascara?

Because it itself has low color colored eyelashes, and flicking your mascara Peru highlighted their effects in some people is the exception, they have dark eyelashes and Perry are

Mascara is the correct way of handling explain to you:

At first look to the drop, in this case your lashes from root to end with precision brush mascara to your eyelashes to be drawn down to size. If you want your eyelashes look fuller and to do it two or three times, no more because if you use too much of your eyelashes go together into a beautiful shape does not forgive you.

Remember that brushing your eyelashes should you look upward and out to others to work and they are attracted to you. And let your mascara dry out the wet state and then consider if the other things that you do on your eyes.

To make eyes like a gazelle in mind we recommend that the exterior of your eyes with mascara stock more drag.

For a look at your own eyes the first time we recommend to use black mascara with, but next time use of colored mascara and colored ink as well as black mascara from root to end, drag exchange.

Finally, if you want your mascara to make your eyelashes are too high, and it also preserves its natural state, we suggest you that before applying mascara, use eyelash curler and mascara from your drag . Mascara brushes also enjoyed several consecutive times not to kill, usually a period of time that can be used for four months and then mascara mascara becomes dry and it must be discarded.

Do not let others use your mascara because then the bacteria and viruses enter your mascara, makeup, be sure to follow the health tips please.


But what kind of mascara should be used?

Volumizing mascara, mascara Lengthening Mascara and eyelash mascara that have eaten inside and … Which is Better?

Our recommendations:

People who are short eyelashes mascara Lengthening Mascara better than they are, and people with weak eyelashes, it is better to use mascara that has little lashes are bonded and people who have colored eyelashes are better than volumizing mascara use.

To make mascara that used to be lasting a few hours a day is better than mascara waterproof mascara, especially in the summer use and are effective because in the summer due to human sweat and the air warm at the same time cause the mascara you down and trickle down.

People who have allergies or sensitivities eye mascara are, however, tend to make better use of mascara mascara for the effect of purchase. Rymlhayy that two heads are to be used to take your eyes look more beautiful. A white liquid mascara to the eyelashes that protect the fragile is drying up and the other end of the liquid ink amplifier is .

But what color to use your mascara? Blue, green, purple and … what color?

What color you choose will depend on many factors, the color of your eyes, your skin, your dress color, the color well at the time and in particular time fashion stage Waldner. So you see there are several factors involved in this choice. But black has always been all about desire and in most cases only the color mascara to be seen, because black mascara comes in all forms.

For a special look to forgive, we recommend that you play with colors, but how?

If you have green eyes better than mascara to your eyes the color green or purple color to use. Blue or gray eyes are better than mascara, the eyes color brown, blue, or blue full color such as blue or purple oil use. And people who have brown eyes or black mascara is better than green, blue or brown use. However, this again points out that all people with any color her eyes with black mascara can be used.

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