The best sleep mode,

This fact should accept that we’re born our habit, especially when we go to sleep, do not know what will happen to our bodies. But this entry is when the Snooze tips can still work to better ourselves and deeper sleep.

The best sleep mode,

The best sleep mode, the sleep mode is back
If you have the habit to sleep behind this mode is the best and most healthy sleeping mode. If you go to the ballast and the total weight you for equal is entirely divided into your spine. Unlike when you do not pillow down to your face. To the back, sleeping causes the Earth’s gravity, the face and the chest you pulled down and this is the best way to sleep mode for those who suffer from stomach acid. When your head is slightly above your stomach below the esophagus, and the possibility of being inside the stomach acid and food tends to come up much less.

But those who are vigilant snoring that worst is behind sleeping theirs. If you have shortness of breath during sleep (sleep apnea or same) suffering, to the back of the throat and belly sleeping makes you with Earth’s gravity to be drawn down the side and breathe harder. Dr. Andrew Westwood Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology at the University of Columbia, in this case, suggests that if those who Snort to the long side and even a wife or pillow and learn to embrace their snoring and shortness of breath.


The second good sleep, sleeping side left
If you have a habit of sleeping side to propose experts Pahlavi left to sleep. Because sleeping right side prevents the maximum circulation in the body, and because of the constant pressure on the blood vessels of the body during the night mode gives up because of the lack of adequate blood flow less strain. So despite sleeping continue to feel tired. While the left side of the body by sleeping more comfortable working the circulation of the heart. Dr. Christopher winter Director Neurology and sleep therapy patients in the sharluts to all the stresses the heart, much better and easier to work pumping and the blood circulation do when less pressure. But if you don’t have an unconscious and left to sleep side by side right before it is better to have a soft and flat pillow between the knees. This makes the hips and joints of the body are aligned and the weight to be a completely equal in the Division of the body surface of the weight distribution causes less strain to the heart of the quiet and sleeping to be imported will be far more


The worst is sleeping, sleeping on the belly
Unfortunately, sleeping on the belly and head over to pillow to submerging the best sleep much, but experts say it’s the most comfortable work for starting a painful morning. With this state of sleep can be pulled down to the belly and curvature of the spine in damage. Head to the pillow for 90 ° on goes down and in addition to being more difficult to breathe and be a nightmare overnight are high a lot of pressure on the neck. For less damage, this bad habit is better than soft t pillow and fill ourselves with a thinner and more pillow instead of flat. This will be nothing more than our emissions above the neck and spineless damage. With the addition of the following two hip pillow put a thin barrier of high-pressure arc back to make this weight Division in the body and spine aligned with the rest of the members of the body is level.

The best sleep mode,
The best sleep mode,




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