The best selling vehicle



Last year the pride of ownership of most car market with 28 percent of its market share. This car is the cheapest car of Iran’s market for people who want to buy only cars with the 20 million dollar option. That’s why experts, buy cheap high pride in Iran to make its relevance factor; that’s always to buy, the most important indicator.

The best selling vehicle
The best selling vehicle

But while the Peugeot PARS with a 15 percent market share in year 93 best-selling car after pride has been that large competitors that are even cheaper than the car. So the apparent technical factors and buyers to take a look at the half-time.

It’s hand in between a domestic vehicles quality range of the following cost 50 million USD just 206 buy well.

Always the cheapest option is not selected, and the best economic choice option as well. So choose the best vehicle should we choose the options which we buy; best, cheapest and most economical. For the economic choices should be the quality, durability and reasonable price compared to the features side by side.

In this free-market report zero vehicles in five financial periods and the familiar with the best and most economical offer.


The budget is less than 30 million

Below are the 30 million price range RS zero cars, the free market is the most precious period selected. In this period of seven domestic cars and a Chinese car. If you want a car with 20 million USD to buy zero should be returned to one of two existing models of pride. KIA pride hatchback with the names Saipa of at least 20 million and 111 in the market 300 dollars price, but if you prefer your pride sedan you can buy for the price with a minimum of 131 Saipa 19 million and 500 thousand USD.

Saipa 131 the cheapest option that you suggested. If you have more money, you can get rid of pride from having to buy in. Yet you have five options. The most expensive car the samand LX range. You pay at least 29 million and 500 thousand RS can in the free market, owner of this car-zero vehicles.

The best selling vehicle

In this period of four French car models that are produced, there. In the factory x, though the high price of 33 million letter but in the market at least 31 million and 400 thousand Toman sold. Peugeot 206 type 2 and 5 in the period and their price in the open market at least to arrange 32 million and 500 thousand tomans and 23 million and 400 thousand Toman.

Peugeot 206 sedan next option is that it can be suggested to the sedan cars enthusiasts. This car is on the market with a minimum price of 33 million and 800 dollars sold. 206 206 vehicles and quality evaluation in the report the cashier after Thunder 90 best quality production inside the vehicles below 50 million USD from it.

Peugeot PARS in the year 15 percent market share and 93 after the pride of best-selling domestic car that has good export statistics. Peugeot PARS and Peugeot PARS LX year respectively with a minimum price of 35 million and 200 thousand tomans and 29 million 400 thousand tomans and zero cars sold on the market.

The best selling vehicle
The best selling vehicle



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