The benefits of train travel to Europe in 2017


The benefits of a trip to Europe by train

To visit from different parts of Europe, air trips they choose which although is faster, but for
Familiarity with various territories doesn’t look the right vehicle, at the conclusion of a very lonely travelers
The country in which they landed and have some time to stay in there and see other parts of the country not to miss the video. This is while railway and road trip better and more opportunities to learn about the remote and unexplored territories as well as contact with the native culture and ordinary at the discretion Travelers.


So if the conditions for rail and road trips to be prepared, perhaps the use of rail vehicle selection
More appropriate is considered
In this regard, the European network of rail lines, because of the frequency of trains and high diversity of choice for many people, a passenger could travel to Europe to attract.

The benefits of a trip to Europe with the national train
The European rail network, with more than 240 thousand kilometers of Rails, your access to the closest possible point to possible Destination.
The detailed implementation of the program of moving trains due to unpredictable traffic compared with the Air trips
that you have possible delays.
You do not have a limit on the weight of the load to your mobile! Unless some trains or trains such as the Eurostar Hotel, while
Pay less than the aircraft, have to pay do not overload.
Since the stations are located in the city center, on payment of a fee and save.
Are you using the most popular means of local transport i.e. train, a chance acquaintance with life and culture
The inhabitants of Europe into the hands of want.
365 days a year and all trains without regard to atmospheric conditions, eventually the security work. This feature causes
It has been that you have to choose the date and time of the move, a no hassle.


You have always been a source from the city center to city center and destination in travel amenities and spectacular.
Checkpoints time consuming and boring in air trips, rail trips and there are enough 10 minutes before the trains at the station.
Take advantage of discounts up to 15% for groups, very good opportunity for group tours.

Children under 12 years 50% discount of any relative to adults.
Dealing with a special pass that allows you to Network Rail trains with unlimited trips, compared with their air trips at the cost of considerable savings.


Rest and relax on the train is indescribable. You can get your food or drink to your seat on the train or in the restaurant and relax with a desire. Read a book or magazine. Your computer is connected to the outlet and the movie about
See your favorite and even in some of the hot-water showers overnight trains Coupe. (Other what you want!)

You can use the overnight trips voyages and, after sleepless morning when convenient, in order to reach the destination.
With the passing of the cities in Europe, the scenery very beautiful they enjoy.

A refund of the unused ticket compared to the plane of the ticket conditions better and more easy to comply with.
Special discount ticket or pass the creation of tailored to you. Discounts on hotels, trains
Local, travel and recreational ships, museums and spectacular location and stores, travel the Jamboree What is the passport?

Passport some kind of ticket is that its holder is authorized to use all rail service to the country or countries registered
Specify the number of days in succession or Nonrow in the period of validity is the ticket.
To travel with some trains with this type of ticket, you also need to reserve a place. Passport is the national railway
Europe, covering 26 countries.
Characteristics of the global Europe train pass
The days of use of the pass can be succession or non-warships be selected. For the travel passport, Flexi Unclassified days (Flexi) is considered.

Young woman happy to be travelling
Young woman happy to be travelling

Travel generally children under 4 years free of charge in the system, unless the particular need to reserve
Up here. Children 4-11 years 50% discount as well.
Passengers over 60 years in a lot of passes, special rates.
Apart from the specific number of country and regional passes, young people under 26 years old can use the 35 percent discount for travel with classy trains. In addition to the special rate in grade 2 is intended for young children.

For scheduled tours and a special called “pass pass tour” designed by the Agency.
Who can use pass?
In general all persons, except person resident in European countries, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia
Can take advantage of resident passes. to those which are more than six months in the country-specific Residence.

Since the pass was designed for the use of individuals ‘, generally must be prepared outside the Europe and the number of centers in Europe to sell these passes and beyond is very limited and it is not easy to access.
How can we pass, we refunded?

In case of cancellation of the travel for a refund of the unused ticket, pass principal to centrally that you prepared
85% of the amount of the ticket and give you a refund.

Global Europe trains pass types
For travel in the countries of Austria, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Romania, Sweden,
Switzerland, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, Norway, the Netherlands and Greece with the possibility of the unlimited journey in different days.
For travel in 3, 4 or 5 bordering countries in 23 European countries are valid. These countries
Austria, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, France, Croatia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Norway, the Netherlands and Greece. Those who pass this to unlimited travel in Select need to know when buying the pass should be specified.
The country of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands to the Benelux countries are “famous”.
Bulgaria, a country of Serbia and Montenegro and Slovenia and Croatia is a country.
The choice of countries can be among the 23 countries that through trains or ferries are connected together. This means that the two countries should be selected with the trains or ships are covered by the national train network Europe
Connects directly to and from another country do not pass.
Ireland is no exception from this rule and with this being a direct route by train or ship to the Benelux countries,
Can they be considered a neighbor?
-Eurail Regional pass


rail-europe-europe-by-train-map 2017
To travel to selected countries covered by the country’s two trains all over Europe. Train
Europe-wide, a collection of 18 regional passports provided that each one of these passes certain properties such as the number of valid days, grade 1 and 2.
Eurail national pass-
For unlimited trips in 15 countries.
The European-wide train, 15 national passport has to offer. It also features a special pass
Such as the number of valid days, a variety of designs (the young, the aged, children and adults).
Pass the United Kingdom and Switzerland as well as in the number of days specified for unlimited trips on the rail network is available in these countries that the famous Britrail pass and the Swiss pass.
Holders of various types of passes can be of substantial discounts and privileges that the European-wide train
Affect the business.

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