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The benefits of exercising 30 minutes for the brain and the nervous system

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The benefits of 30 minutes of exercise for the brain
Regular physical activity can be substantial and the benefits for the human body.
But only the muscles and bones of the health benefits of exercise are not benefited and the brain and the nervous system also benefit from this work.
Does not require a lot of time during the day to exercise,
And with just 30 minutes of exercise, the brain of its benefits will profit.


The benefits of exercising 30 minutes for the brain and the nervous system

Continue on with some of these benefits are more familiar.
Improve the power of decision-making and problem-solving
A study by the national institutes of health in the United States by 2013,
Showed that the benefits of exercise can not only increase the speed of your steps,
But the ability to make the decision to increase the amount of white matter in the brain.
During this study, problem-solving and decision-making skills of a group of older people who exercise regularly,
Compared with the group that did not exercise, were studied.
The researchers found participants who regularly do aerobic exercises, data
White matter integrity of stronger and better cognitive speed.
The prevention of depression
Many of us have read studies that claim signs of fighting depression with exercise, however, a study in the journal Cell in 2014, showed that exercise in the first place, from the prevention of depression. According to the researchers, the stress causes the formation of a harmful substance in the blood and brain. But a special protein called PGC-1 α1 can be known to the parser and the loss of this harmful substance from the stress. The good news is that this protein is naturally produced when you exercise.
Increase energy
In situations where a lot of people an excuse which do not have enough energy for exercising, a study in 2008 that was conducted by University of Georgia researchers, showed that low levels of physical activity to moderate overall energy boost normally. Sport creates a work style that affects the body and mind and gives the meaning of the increased levels of energy and reduces fatigue.

Strengthening the will
The will of man, inner force to avoid temptation, largely controlled by brain power. A study on the effect of the brain by 2013 to our ability in adherence to the personal goals, career, and health. By the same token, the researchers found physical activity includes a short stretching significantly will of the participants that the children, aged up to 35 people were included, improve.

Brain development
A study in 2006 claiming exercise can literally cause brain growth. During the study, which was published by the American National Institute of health, sedentary adults, after looking up the aerobic fitness regimen for six months of benefits benefit brain development. According to the researchers, physical activity and the volume of white matter in the brain’s gray matter.
Create the emotional resilience to stress
Different ways stress affects humans. A study that was carried out in 2014, showed that 30 minutes of daily exercise can make a difference in the emotional state of the man when the stress. During this study, participants are exposed to the stressful event and the results below were considered. Half of the participants to exercise on a regular basis and the other half working low lifestyle. The results showed those who were exercising to maintain their positive attitude and have a better emotional landscape compared with the sedentary groups.


The benefits of exercising 30 minutes for the brain and the nervous system

Control emotions
If you can’t control your emotions on a good note and suddenly below the crying, maybe you don’t exercise enough. A study in 2006 to the effects of exercise on the control of emotions. The participants in this study were within two months following the opinion, in the absence of a regular exercise program to follow. According to the researchers claim, even a brief exercise in the wake of a positive result as well, and on patterns of behavior, emotional stress, emotional control, and influence.
Protect the heart and arteries and prevent strokes
Doctors often do exercise in order to protect the chronic diseases is recommended. On this basis, it’s not surprising that many studies about the benefits of exercise on cardiovascular health. The average sports both men and women can significantly reduce the risk of stroke.

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