The beauty of the face with saffron


According to “health news” in the Indian Highlands, saffron cultivation is very common. This spice is more in Spain, Italy, Iran and Kashmir. The dark purple color of the Kashmir saffron on it. The Saffron flavor and color, darkest and most fragrant Saffron is the world’s most
The properties of Saffron

The main properties of Saffron is that of article 150 escape and evaporate and the number of the article is made inactive. Saffron is rich in lycopene, the chemical composition of the original golden color and the Agent Orange. A non-volatile oil, safranal saffron constructor. Safranal has antioxidant and anti-seizure and the main cause of the scent of Saffron. Also, this article is an inhibitor of the effects of free radicals. Safranal has therapeutic properties and prevention of cancer.




Treat pimples

Saffron rated antioxidant and antibacterial properties that make it ideal to convert the material to treat pimples.

The treatment of scar

Saffron has healing properties. This article and the process of wound healing of skin scrapes and stains quickly. Saffron is a resource rich with exfoliating properties. This article is simply the scars and wounds of the old cuts or scars from the skin clean.

Skin glow

Saffron has an extraordinary vitality in the glow of the skin. This article is more healthy and glowing skin.


The beauty of the face with saffron


Improve skin complexion

Saffron as clarifying, also known as the color of the skin. What does the Saffron is clearer skin and skin impurities and pollution?

Eliminating sunburn

Sunburn causes skin color you really bad. Now you can use saffron to get rid of the brown spots are comfortable.


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