Shorts, and slippers Sweatband
Yes, we’re Americans love our shorts. But in most cultures people do not go out with shorts, no matter what season it is or how close to the equator. It is better to let khaki shorts for the beach, park, tennis club and trails. Wear comfortable clothes we approach foreign to most people is questionable. You rarely see that local people wearing shorts unless they want to play football.

Also avoid wearing inappropriate Rqgyrhay T-shirts and sandals. Perhaps you think to yourself that this is wear (shorts, Sweatband and slippers) but be sure you will be comfortable with this other fellow passengers Your tour will dress you and it’s difficult to know shame and embarrassment.

Glittering ornaments
Never abroad of precious jewels and glittering Do not use unless you want your diamond ring, pearl jewelry and watches have in your collection be kept someone else. Because you will not need during your trip impress someone better after your valuables at home.

Religious images, slogans or flags Nations profanity
Symptoms of clothes with sports, religious or military, holy words, UN flag and any word or sign that is written in a language which means you can avoid it. During the trip you do not need to unwanted ideological debate. It is also religious ornaments symptoms even cross necklace at home. If you have to wear them so that the eye is not hidden under the shirt.

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