Technology in human life



The technology is, therefore, a phenomenon of general rules includes the phenomenon. On the other hand is a human phenomenon, therefore, includes the second type will be either phenomenon that the human being is and it is, therefore, a strong communication with its creator.

2-the technology of the modern phenomenon is, therefore, belongs to the modern world. The most important characteristics of the modern world, modern contemporary man. So the length of the row in the technology that modern man them. In this article the total software and hardware process these developments with little oversight, modernism.

3-identification technology requires understanding your technology is, in other words, modernism is one of the phenomena of modernism.

4-the new man with the birth of modernism began with the growth he expanded over the course of their development stages. Therefore, the understanding of modern man is the understanding of the concept of prerequisite technology.

5. modern man, the human being is not required by the researcher. Modern man has learned, that is, human resources introduced a limited and non-changeable and monopoly in an introduction to the resources required. Modern man is that of a modern human with wisdom, sees, thinks, touch, results, and finally to the creation and change.

Technology in human life
Technology in human life

6. modern man is a human based on the definition of the human being, not mutable stability of human life during the dilatory responses, so the modern wisdom is also a tool for this type of human activity on the set of his bio.

7. modern man his relationship with many ancient sources and prove life changing. Introduction to the new human resources sought to reproduce. Determines for each addition. His relationship with nature changed and the old “such as” a man with his environment must compromise “other” so respected and the basis for his action. This new man by combining the three elements:

A lack of necessary living conditions of stability) b.) understanding causal rules (experimental sciences) – c) entitle their knowledge in accordance with the changing needs, a process which gives s. in this article the generic name technology.

8. Another point on the modernism attention to the concept of partnership. Today, one of the pillars sustaining the conceptual modernism, what in the manufacture of hardware and what is in the process of institution-building for the human. The concept of partnership is a concept that is more natural to the anthropological type (Normative) and look at the concept of the default of some kind to humans and human relations, especially with the kind of look before the basic difference, and perhaps with a bit of its oversight, under the general title pluralism summary.


9-one of the most devoted of modernism, changing the range and type of public and private social life domains dialog. Modernism with its own particular anthropology and the concept of the institution of mechanisms of their maker, private areas, and may be followed by more serious said that designated individual field guarantee and modernism and the private vs. public mechanisms more maker has given consideration, therefore, a kind of modernism based on specific performance of the private sphere and the definition of the public domain using the field is private so the inner mechanism of the modernism, forced him toward the preservation, expansion of private In line with the operating of your teenagers.
10-tips mentioned about oversight, along with a very brief and modernism has been a particular kind of modernism and in anthropology it is very detailed and extensive but here on the occasion of the relationship between technology and modernism can be better and that the nature of the technology, and will review its performance orientation to mention some of the basic concepts have been modernism and finally only this tip can be added that the production of modern man or modern human or a researcher in front of wisdom These human and then a human production, resultant change and altering the definition of this concept is that the man known as the inventory agent was defined that selects its own OS and has its own answer.

The last thing that 11-and the human limits of modernism is based on the strength of his choice, and therefore should be the same direction, this time, technology.

You should know the difference between technology and technological products and modernization modernism the same difference.

2-the kind of third world societies associated with relational technology is not their original communities, such as unsolicited responses to the needs of this great problem emerged and the third world is to meet the needs of emerging yet they (already) and early response. Namely the need to induce in these communities, and the natural result of social relations and society garlic.

3. third world-serious problem with the impression of having a tool it is and to the software and the following socio-historical and cultural structures that do not have significant and fundamental differences in these cases but also with theoretical foundations of technology and modernism.


4-third world communities (with a bit of non-technological oversight) had a paradox. these community with the basic technology is a manufacturer of the software problem, and on the other hand, the compulsory use of your hardware, see it because otherwise the current situation it is not possible for them to continue.

5. these communities due to the dependency property may have a problem with another technology. This is due to the deep problems of the communities with the intellectual and cultural infrastructure and technology materials written by it is possible to become productive technology, on the other hand, due to the fast-changing world of technology, being in the form of disconnect with the technology of converting stream to the Cemetery will be technology. Therefore, they must be continuously its process of change and evolution of global technology attuned and it requires heavy spending to modernize the Klan and approximately (full) previously imported technology with new technology (merely purchasing) and this is a fundamental problem with them.


There are two faces of technology hardware, software, and hardware procurement it is simple and economical. But becoming generators of the same or later software technology it is a technological process, namely the process of non-human and relies on the General capabilities and flexible macro and people and cultural communities, backing calls for it.

technology in human life
technology in human life


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